Launch your social commerce strategy

Your competitors are reaching new audiences on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram - you should, too.

We underpin your social commerce strategy with reliable technology so it gives you customers, not headaches.

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Sync your social commerce strategy with your website

Our product feed management tools will simplify the integration and management of your inventory across your chosen platforms, an otherwise time-consuming and inconsistent process.

Orders that are placed in-app will be processed directly back to our eCommerce platform for you to fulfil from one control point, eliminating mistakes.

With new social media trends popping up so often, it can be hard to cut through the noise and focus on what is going to generate results. We will also consult with you on your social commerce goals and recommend the right platforms for your products and demographics.

Social commerce with Venditan

Choose the right social media platforms, seamlessly upload your products to them and run a profitable advertising campaign with a social commerce strategy that generates results.

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Marketing Consulting

Discuss your social commerce objectives with our in-house marketing experts and we will help you create an effective, profitable strategy.

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Omnichannel eCommerce Platform

We will provide you with one central platform to manage your social commerce strategy, website, physical store and any other sales channels from end to end.

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Product Feed Management

Easily sync your inventory with your chosen social media platforms and schedule the feed to update daily, ensuring you use the latest product information.

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Product Information Management

Your feed will pull data from your central product information management system, maintaining consistent product data across all of your social media catalogues.

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Social Media Order Management

In-app orders will be processed back to our eCommerce platform, automatically updating your master inventory levels, so you always have one single view of stock and customer.

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Digital Marketing

You may wish to delegate your social commerce strategy and wider digital marketing campaign to a solutions provider with decades of experience in online retail growth.

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