Headless commerce solutions

Leverage seamless integration with your best-of-breed microservices by moving from your legacy platform to a modern, headless commerce solution.

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We give you the ability to evolve

Unlike the traditional, monolithic platform you may currently be using, our cloud-based eCommerce platform uses a headless architecture in which our presentation layer (front-end) is separated from our business logic (back-end).

These two layers communicate via an exposed API, and there are no strict dependencies between them.

Run your core commerce operation through a powerful system, retain complete flexibility to build multiple customer touchpoints at will, and drive a digital strategy that isn’t dictated by your platform’s native functionality.

Headless commerce with Venditan

Continually build an unparalleled customer experience powered by our API-first, headless eCommerce solution.

You’ll never have to migrate again.

headless commerce architecture
Headless Architecture

We implement a headless architecture, and our platform exposes an API that you can use to integrate your preferred best-of-breed microservices.

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Multiple Touchpoints

Develop and manage as many websites and applications as you need to deliver a connected, unique and rapid eCommerce experience.

headless commerce integrations

We are already integrated with dozens of leading solutions across marketing, shipping, marketplace management, search and merchandising.

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Omnichannel eCommerce

Our headless architecture allows you to build a truly omnichannel experience as personalised content is spread over multiple touchpoints from one source.

composable commerce
Composable Commerce

Our platform is composable and can be split into modular components so you can integrate our functionality into your new, composable architecture.

headless commerce consulting
Technology Consulting

Define the project's scope and priorities, ensuring that our headless eCommerce solution is aligned with your long-term objectives.

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