eCommerce CRM

Manage your customer data and build profitable post-purchase customer experiences with our eCommerce CRM.

eCommerce CRM

Manage your customer data and build profitable post-purchase customer experiences with our eCommerce CRM.

Key features of our eCommerce CRM

Our eCommerce CRM allows you to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by leveraging browsing and shopping data to improve the experience you provide.

Key features include:

Customer Accounts

See all of a customer's information on one screen, including their orders, payments, refunds and order statuses.

Customer Service

Post internal notes on customer accounts detailing important information to keep all team members up to date.

Virtual Baskets

Add products to a basket on behalf of the customer and share a link with them so they can complete the purchase on your website.

Order Assignment

Use your integrated EPOS system to assign in-store orders to your customers’ accounts and review their complete history with you.

Customer Retention

Retain customers post-purchase using a range of marketing features including segmentation, loyalty, rewards, personalisation and reviews.

Customer Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your customers with our reporting features. Track outstanding balances and identify high-value customers.


All data is held securely. Record customer consent to comply with GDPR regulations. Anonymise and ‘forget’ customer details on request.

B2B Customers

Easily create trade customers and manage them in detail, including credit limits, countrty-specific VAT rates, buying currency and default country.

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Salaries that respect your worth

Salaries that respect your worth

Salaries that respect your worth

eCommerce CRM connectivity omnichannel

Deliver an omnichannel experience for your customers

With one view of your customer’s activity across all of your sales channels, you can provide them with a connected and consistent experience that brings them back to you, time and time again.

No matter whether they’re visiting your store or your website, they should expect your business to have a full understanding of their history with you. Whether it be their recent orders, loyalty progression, or support queries, the journey must be cohesive.

Omnichannel eCommerce isn’t just a strategy, it’s a pre-requisite to providing a great customer experience. Our platform connects all sales channels together so you have one single view of the customer, and you are able to provide modern omnichannel fundamentals like click-and-collect.

Reward loyal customers and increase satisfaction

Our platform also boasts several customer engagement tools that will help you to develop profitable post-purchase relationships with your customers.

The segmentation tool allows you to identify and categorise your different customer types based on their behaviour. You can then import this data into our range of marketing integrations.

We also have first-party loyalty and rewards features that you can use to drive consistent engagement with your website, rewarding your high-value customers for their repeat business.

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Also built for B2B customer management

Our platform is also perfectly capable of managing trade customers.

We give you the tools to set and manage credit limits, terms, and your own internal credit approval processes through strict user permissions.

This information will be used to generate payment due date information for your customer invoice documentation, which your customers can export from their tailored portal, showing their products, pricing, and promotions.

Solutions driven by our own game-changing platform

If your existing supplier is no longer keeping up with you, or you’ve outgrown your existing technology, we can help.

Feature-rich and constantly evolving, our game-changing eCommerce platform will solve your growth and efficiency challenges.

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