Purchase Order Management System

With our Purchase Order Management capabilities, you can replenish stock levels and manage supplier relationships without leaving the platform.

Purchase Order Management System

With our Purchase Order Management capabilities, you can replenish stock levels and manage supplier relationships without leaving the platform.

Key features of our Purchase Order Management System

Thanks to direct integrations with your suppliers, you no longer need to jump from system to system to raise purchase orders.

Key features include:

Raise Purchase Orders

Raise purchase orders with your suppliers from directly within our platform.

Supplier Integrations

Our platform integrates directly with your suppliers so purchase orders are automatically sent to them.

Automatic Supplier Replenishment

Our platform can automatically generate and deliver purchase orders to your suppliers based on configured minimum, maximum and ideal stock levels.

Advanced Availability

Sell items that you don’t have physical stock of with our Request To Purchase feature. Get a breakdown of what items need to be ordered from your suppliers.

Overstocking Warnings

Use our Overstocked Lines Management feature to ensure your purchase orders don’t include any unnecessary purchases.

Supplier Database

Use our platform as your central repository for supplier information, including financials, credit limits, currencies and contact information.

Advanced Shipping Notifications

Receive advanced shipping notifications from suppliers for stock arriving into the business, which can help streamline the Goods-In process.

Purchasing Insight

Keep track of important information related to your supplier purchases such as freight costs and exit dates from source.

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Salaries that respect your worth

Salaries that respect your worth

Salaries that respect your worth

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Manage stock replenishment from within your eCommerce platform

Don't waste another moment switching between systems and emails to raise purchase orders for new stock.

Every second counts and with your eCommerce platform directly integrated with your suppliers, you are able to manage stock replenishment seamlessly from within the system, saving you valuable time and streamlining your operations.

This can be automated, too. Based on the minimum, maximum and optimum stock levels that you dictate, the platform can automatically generate purchase orders when numbers are running low.

Save hours of time, minimise mistakes and optimise your inventory levels with an eCommerce platform that puts stock replenishment right at your fingertips.

Sell stock before it arrives to you

Our Request To Purchase feature allows you to sell stock before it is delivered to you.

Pre-selling allows you to generate revenue sooner, even before the physical inventory is on hand. This can be especially advantageous when launching new products or restocking in-demand items quickly.

It also helps you to reduce your storage costs, which is particularly beneficial for items with high holding costs.

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Get prepared to receive your new goods

Driven by the direct integrations we will establish between our platform and your suppliers, you will be able to receive your advanced shipping notifications directly into the platform.

This helps to streamline the Goods-In process by keeping your warehouse team completely up to date on when shipments are due into the business, ensuring they can anticipate arrivals, and plan for efficient receiving and inventory management.

By knowing what's in each shipment in advance, you can perform your quality control checks more effectively. Use our handheld technology to inspect products, verify quantities, and address any issues before items are made available for sale.

Solutions driven by our own game-changing platform

If your existing supplier is no longer keeping up with you, or you’ve outgrown your existing technology, we can help.

Feature-rich and constantly evolving, our game-changing eCommerce platform will solve your growth and efficiency challenges.

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