Search & Merchandising Integrations

Enhance your search functionality and enrich your product display and listing pages with our range of search and merchandising integrations.


Browse our search and merchandising integrations.


Algolia lets you customise your website’s search functionality without any coding.


ShoeSizeMe uses AI to help leading footwear brands and retailers increase their conversion rates through personalisation.


SLI provides AI-driven search and predictive eCommerce discovery functionality.


Usizy allows you to provide exact and personalised sizing recommendations through your eCommerce website.


StylaNosto helps you to adapt product recommendations to individual behaviours and sync with custom audience segments to create truly unique experiences. powers personalisation and relevance throughout your entire customer journey to automatically grow sales through site search and product recommendations.


Nibble is the award-winning chatbot for eCommerce that lets customers make an offer on the product page for instant results.

We can integrate with your preferred technology

If you don’t see your preferred search and merchandising tools, don’t worry.

Our platform is fully composable, and we are able to easily integrate with any existing technology that you use.

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Make your products discoverable and inspiring

Venditan clients can use our range of integrated search and merchandising tools to enhance product discoverability by optimising their search results, categorising products effectively, and showcasing products based on their commercial priorities.

By combining smart search capabilities with strategic product placement, they can make their offerings more appealing and easily accessible to visitors, fostering engagement and boosting sales.

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Specialist sizing integrations

ShoeSizeMe and Usizy offer specialist sizing functions to enhance eCommerce websites that sell clothing and footwear. 

Ultimately, they help users quickly find the products they want, that are in stock, and most importantly, will fit them.

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Part of our game-changing eCommerce website development services

When new Venditan clients migrate to our platform, we provide them with a highly-converting eCommerce website that loads rapidly, smashes the latest SEO requirements and is equipped with the exact search and merchandising functionality they need to promote their products.

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