eCommerce Customer Segmentation System

Leverage your customer data and maximise its value to your business with our platform’s Customer Segmentation System.

Key features of our Customer Segmentation System

Unlock the power of precision marketing with our Customer Segmentation System and target your audience like never before.

Key features include:

Customer Attributes

Assign an unlimited number of attributes to customers for segmentation purposes, helping you to define your customers based on behaviour.

High-Value Customers

Segment your high-value customers so you can develop strong customer relationships with them, aiding retention.

Inactive Customers

Segment your inactive customers so you can campaign to encourage them back to your eCommerce website.

Monitor Performance

Measure performance within specific customer groups, making it easier to assess the success of your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Integrations

Feed your segmented data into our various third-party marketing tools, including Klaviyo and Mailchimp.


All data is held securely. Record customer consent to comply with GDPR regulations. Anonymise and ‘forget’ customer details on request.

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Turn your customer data into a competitive advantage

Empower your marketing team with the tools they need to understand, engage, and convert customers like never before.

Great marketing is driven by relevancy to the audience, and our customer segmentation system allows you to break your customer base down into specific audiences so you can serve them with focused messaging.

This means that you can deliver personalised messaging that is much more likely to drive sales, rather than sending out blanket messaging to your entire customer base.

Reward your high-value customers

High-value, repeat customers are your business's lifeblood.

Using specific attributes to define your criteria for a high-value customer, such as average spend or regularity of orders, our segmentation system can recognise them.

You can then use our integrated marketing tools to implement retention strategies that keep them engaged and rewarded for their loyalty, but the first step is to identify who those customers are, and our segmentation tool makes this simple and easy.

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Identify untapped opportunities in your customer data

Similarly, you can revive lost opportunities by identifying dormant customers and rekindling their interest through incentivisation. 

Dormant customers have already demonstrated an interest in your products or services. By reactivating them, you can extend their customer lifetime value, increasing the overall revenue they bring to your business over time.

It’s often more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. You've already invested in acquiring these customers initially, so reaching out to them again typically requires less marketing spend than acquiring completely new customers.

Solutions driven by our own game-changing platform

If your existing supplier is no longer keeping up with you, or you’ve outgrown your existing technology, we can help.

Feature-rich and constantly evolving, our game-changing eCommerce platform will solve your growth and efficiency challenges.

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