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Let’s explore your requirements together, so we can provide you with the accurate pricing information you need.

We will deliver your quote within 24 hours.

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To build your quote, we need to understand your requirements.

To understand your requirements, we need just 30 minutes of your time.

Our tried and tested formula allows us to turn that information into an accurate and reliable quotation within 24 hours of getting to know each other.

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The quote you will receive from us

Driven by your requirements, our pricing only ever covers what you need from your website and platform.

No unnecessary extras, no unnecessary costs.

We will break your quote into three parts:

Your onboarding

Migrating your business from your existing technologies to ours and providing you with your new platform and website.

Hands-on workshops and site visits to kick off the project.

Thorough documents outlining the project specifications and requirements.

Creative and strategic planning for your website's design and functional aspects.

Award-winning eCommerce website development.

Seamless migration of your customer, product, inventory and content data.

Full SEO health-check and protection of your existing traffic.

Rigorous testing of the website and platform before launch.

Completing your migration and launching your new website on-site at your location.

Hosting and security

Building a secure, scalable hosting solution to your needs so your website is always performing and protected.

Twice-weekly deployments keeping you on the latest version of the platform.

Rapid, scalable website hosting that will handle traffic peaks.

Full integration with a Level 1 PCI-DSS payment gateway.

DNS record and TLS/SSL certificate management.

Frequent vulnerability scans of our platform and websites.

Continuous improvement

Driving your websites and platform forward with cutting-edge updates, designed to keep you ahead of the rest.

Dedicated Account Manager committed to your ongoing growth and success.

Optional retained development hours to deliver your new website requirements.

Regular account growth plans identifying opportunities for growth.

Access to a wealth of professional services, industry knowledge and consultation.

Let’s explore your requirements together, so we can provide you with the pricing information you need.

Pricing FAQs

If you haven't managed to find what you’re looking for, hopefully we’ve answered your question below.

Why aren’t there prices listed on your website?

Since every project differs in size, listing standard prices on our website wouldn’t accurately reflect what you need us to deliver.

We can handle any job, big or small, but we work to understand that scope first. We can then provide an accurate and reliable quote that details how we would use our platform and technology to help you grow.

Our learning process is straightforward and highly efficient. Around 30 minutes of your time is usually enough to gather the necessary details, and we can turn around a precise and tailored pricing quote within 24 hours.

How can I get a quote?

Simply contact us to discuss your needs, and we'll provide you with an accurate and reliable quote within 24 hours of our initial conversation. This quote will be based on a thorough understanding of your requirements and will outline a scope of services tailored to your business.

What factors influence your pricing?

Our pricing is driven entirely by your specific requirements. Factors that may influence the quote include the complexity and quantity of your product data, necessary integrations, and the number of websites you operate. We provide itemised quotes that detail how each deliverable has contributed to your price.

Do you offer demos of your platform?

Absolutely! We offer personalised demos tailored to your needs and interests. Following an initial conversation to understand your requirements, we can arrange an in-person or online demo, depending on your preference. We'll show you how we've solved complex retail problems with our intuitive software.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs?

No, our pricing is transparent and inclusive. It covers your onboarding to the platform, including data migration, website design and build and all testing and project management, as well as the monthly software e licence and hosting fee. We do not charge transaction fees or operate on a revenue-sharing model.

How do you provide support?

We pride ourselves on providing unrivalled service and support. If there's a critical issue with your website or our platform, our team are available 24/7/365. Each client has access to an appointed account manager, as well as a support board for out of hours help - our SLAs confirm we will respond to critical tickets within 15 minutes, any time of the day, any day of the week.

What are the typical contract terms and conditions?

Our standard contracts are for an initial 24 months, with annual renewals thereafter. The first few months of the agreement covers the time for us to migrate you across to our platform and launch your new website - this typically takes between 90 and 120 days depending on your availability and third-party involvement.

Can I speak with a current customer about their experience?

Certainly! We can connect you with several of our satisfied customers who can share their experiences with our platform and services. Additionally, you can explore our case studies to gain an insight into the successful projects we've delivered.

What is your onboarding process like?

Our ten-step onboarding process is collaborative and structured. It includes initial consultations, tailored demos, requirements gathering, workshops, site visits, specification, design, development of your new website, data migration, rigorous testing, comprehensive training, and a successful launch. We manage the process while ensuring your involvement and satisfaction at every stage.

Do you offer any additional services?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive range of professional services to support your eCommerce needs. These services include strategic consultation, SEO, user experience and conversion rate testing.

What is your costing model?

We charge a one-off set-up fee, which covers all on-boarding requirements (workshops, specifications, design, website builds, platform set-up, data imports, testing and launch), followed by a monthly license fee which covers software maintenance and upgrades, super-fast private cloud hosting, security, account management and any big fixes required.

How do you handle custom feature requests?

Our platform accommodates a wide range of custom requirements that may not fit standard eCommerce solutions. During onboarding, we'll discuss your specific needs and identify any custom functionality required. If a feature isn't currently available in our platform, we offer transparent development costs to build it to your specifications, ensuring your unique needs are met.

Still have questions?