User Experience Optimisation (UX)

Consumer demands are constantly shifting and your competitors are keeping up through user experience optimisation (UX).

You must, too, or risk being left behind.

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UX isn’t just a buzzword, it’s critical to your success

You have probably heard a lot about user experience over the years, but little to demonstrate how it can yield a return for your business.

In short, when your customers enjoy interacting with your website, they are significantly more likely to make a purchase and return in the future.

According to Forrester's research, providing a great user experience can boost eCommerce conversion rates by up to 400% - a figure that is reflected in the work we have completed.

By keeping up to date with the latest user experience demands, you could increase your likelihood of making a sale by up to four times compared to your current rate.

So, are you confident in the experience that your website delivers?

Implementing eCommerce UX for you

After an initial consultation to establish context and understand your requirements, our design experts will usability test your website.

It will be rigorously analysed against a variety of factors, such as consistency of design, accessibility features and clarity of information.

Then, we will provide you with actionable improvements so you can make it as easy as possible for your customers to use your website and make a purchase.

We will then provide you with a full report covering any critical fixes that must be addressed immediately, our suggested improvements and how to implement them.

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Our eCommerce UX principles

We're here to help you assess your website's current user experience and explore potential avenues for improvement.

You can expect us to focus on:

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We will start by establishing what exact experience you want your website to provide, and the primary goals of the website.

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We will review the design of your website, analysing the visual appeal, layout, and use of colour, so they align with your brand identity and contribute to a successful experience.

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We will review how easy it is for users to accomplish your website’s goals, this introduces conversion rate optimisation into the UX project.

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We will review the consistency of your experience, which helps users predict how the website works and contributes to a better UX.

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We will review the information and content on your website, checking that it is written and presented clearly, avoiding ambiguity or confusion.

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We will review the inclusivity of your website experience in line with WCAG 2.2, ensuring that everyone can use it regardless of disabilities.

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We will review the technical performance of your website, such as load times and responsiveness, as this directly contributes to a more complete experience.

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We will review how much control you give to your users, as the ability to customise settings and preferences can heighten their experience.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Boost and maintain your website's conversion rate with a proven optimisation strategy that delivers guaranteed results.

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