eCommerce Consulting

“Build it and they will come!” Not likely.

While excellent products, strong margins and a great website are essential, you may be overlooking the importance of several emerging strategies that will accelerate your eCommerce growth.

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We will put you on the path to eCommerce success

At the outset of working with us, we want to know what your challenges are. Is it purely revenue growth or something more complex like targeting international markets?

Our decades of experience are not just a testament to time but also to countless success stories.

We've worked with retailers and distributors of all sizes and sectors, helping them overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve remarkable growth. These successes are the building blocks of our consultancy.

With our guidance, you'll have a solid plan for sustainable eCommerce growth that doesn’t require an increase in headcount.

You don’t need to be a Venditan client to access our expertise

We also provide eCommerce consulting for non-Venditan clients who seek an independent expert.

We can help businesses that wish to:

  • Understand their current performance and discover opportunities to increase their sales and efficiency.
  • Understand what has caused a sudden drop in their revenue or traffic.
  • Impartially review the performance of their current service provider.

Our expertise can be communicated through a range of auditing services or by simply having a conversation about your current situation and requirements.

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Our eCommerce consulting expertise

We can provide expert eCommerce consulting across various business practices.


We will articulate your eCommerce goals into a well-defined roadmap that unlocks sustainable growth.

ecommerce technology consulting

We will evaluate, select and implement the emerging technology that you should use to reach your eCommerce goals.

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We will identify commercial opportunities and help navigate difficulties, calling upon our years of experience and saving you money on your shipping and payment acquiring fees.

ecommerce marketing consulting

We will assist your digital marketing efforts with data, guidance and support from our in-house experts.

ecommerce consulting for security

Unfortunately, you are vulnerable to a business-ending data breach. We will assess the security of your existing eCommerce technology from a range of attack vectors and report back on any critical issues and required improvements.

ecommerce consulting for Technical Due Diligence
Technical Due Diligence

Are you looking to invest in, or sell a retail business? We will thoroughly examine the technical and software aspects of your business, conducting due diligence for either buy-side or vendor.

ecommerce consulting to find customers

We will help you to create powerful customer profiles, segment your existing customer data and analyse their behaviour.

ecommerce consulting for new markets
Expansion Into New Markets

We will help you to identify new opportunities to diversify and grow your revenue, including internationalisation.

Why Venditan?

We have a proven track record of substantially increasing online sales without creating tech headaches.

Whether you need to increase revenue, tackle a complex retail challenge, or both - we have the tools to get you there.

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