AI-Generated Product Descriptions

High-quality product descriptions can help set a website apart, but producing them is taking up your team’s time, especially when dealing with a large number of products.

Key features of our Product Description Generator

Our platform’s built-in product description generator will increase your website's chances of success, and your team's efficiency.

Key features include:

Consistent Tone

Generate bulk product descriptions that maintain complete consistency with your brand's tone of voice.

Rapid Creation

Bulk-create product descriptions at pace by using pre-defined templates and rules for your content to follow.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

The system generates human-like text that reads as if it were written by a human author.

SEO Optimised

Optimise product descriptions for search engines by specifying your target keyword for the generated content.

Multilingual Support

Support for generating descriptions in multiple languages based on your multilingual website requirements.

Length Control

Specify the desired length of the product descriptions, whether they need short and concise descriptions or longer, more detailed ones.

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Sell more with richer product content

Say goodbye to dull, cookie-cutter product descriptions and hello to captivating, conversion-boosting content.

Our tool harnesses the power of natural language processing to craft descriptions that are rich in detail, tailored to your products, and designed to entice customers.

With the precision of AI, every product's unique features and benefits are highlighted, ensuring your customers are fully informed and engaged. More than just words churned out by a robot, they're persuasive narratives that inspire trust and confidence.

Smash your keyword targets

Contrary to what you may have heard, AI-generated content can rank on Google if it's of high quality and relevance. Our tool seamlessly integrates keyword optimisation and SEO best practices with natural language processing to ensure that your product descriptions are search engine-friendly and provide value for the user.

Each word is strategically placed to elevate your Google rankings, giving your products the visibility they deserve. As search engines reward relevant, high-quality content, our AI descriptions make your product content a magnet for traffic.

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Create consistent, rich descriptions at scale

Content teams encounter three primary challenges when generating product descriptions at scale: time, consistency, and creativity.

It is time-consuming to craft unique descriptions for hundreds or thousands of products simultaneously, and maintaining a consistent tone and structure across a vast amount of content is highly challenging.

The repetition of the task can diminish creativity, resulting in less persuasive, informative, and potentially inaccurate content.

Our AI-Generated Product Description generator addresses this, using the power of AI to quickly generate accurate and engaging descriptions that you control through pre-set criteria.

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Feature-rich and constantly evolving, our game-changing eCommerce platform will solve your growth and efficiency challenges.

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