Inventory Management

Make sure that you have the right amount of inventory, in the right place, at the right time with our platform’s eCommerce Inventory Management System.

eCommerce Inventory Management System

Make sure that you have the right amount of inventory, in the right place, at the right time with our platform’s eCommerce Inventory Management System.

Key features of our Inventory Management System

Stay in complete control of your inventory with an intelligent management system, helping you to maintain better availability and avoid overstocking.

Key features include:

Unlimited Stock Locations

Create and manage as many stock locations as you need, and access a real-time report of stock levels across them.

Inventory Settings

Stay in control with minimum, maximum and ideal inventory levels across all your locations.

Automated Replenishment

Establish automated replenishment between stock locations based on sales volumes, allowing you to replenish a store's stock based on sales.

Internal Stock Transfers

Automatically propose stock transfers based on stock availability across your locations. Be instantly notified of stock movement options to fulfil an order.


Generate and print GS1UK barcodes for your inventory items.

Inventory Forecasting Report

Run reports on stock items to calculate sales demand and determine if you need to order more or less of the item.

Visual Stocktaking

If you stocktake visually, you can manually update the stock quantities in our platform.

Regional Availability

Set products to only be available in specific regions and locations, ideal when selling internationally.

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Salaries that respect your worth

Salaries that respect your worth

Salaries that respect your worth

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Remove the guesswork with methodical inventory management

Our platform is designed to eliminate the guesswork from your inventory management by using automation where human intervention isn’t necessary.

Retailers with physical stores can take advantage of automatic replenishment based on sales. Our platform understands exactly what was sold, and can use this information to automatically replenish stock levels from the warehouse, or another store. 

Further, when operating multiple locations, internal stock transfers can be used to immediately understand your fulfilment options if items aren’t available at the purchase location.

Say goodbye to inventory management guesswork and embrace precision with automated solutions that optimise your operations and boost your efficiency.

Real-time reporting on inventory levels

Our platform provides an up-to-the-minute view of your inventory levels across an unlimited number of stock locations.

Critical to the success of retailers and distributors who run several stores and warehouses, it offers a holistic view of inventory and informs data-driven decisions to keep the business running smoothly.

You need to know when your best-selling items are falling below their ideal stock levels, so you can replenish them before they sell out. Our platform provides this, too.

By setting minimum, maximum and ideal stock levels for your products, your purchasing team are instantly alerted when stocks drop below their optimum levels. This keeps you on top of your replenishment priorities without having to audit your inventory at the end of the day.

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Avoid overstocking

Avoid surplus or out-of-date stock taking up space in your warehouse by only ordering certain products, such as perishables, slow-movers or large items, on-demand.

Configure these products to be available on your website based on your supplier's stock levels. Once the customer places an order, your purchasing team will be alerted to raise a purchase order.

Inventory management is a delicate balancing act, and using our platform ensures that you have the right amount of inventory, in the right place, at the right time.

Solutions driven by our own game-changing platform

If your existing supplier is no longer keeping up with you, or you’ve outgrown your existing technology, we can help.

Feature-rich and constantly evolving, our game-changing eCommerce platform will solve your growth and efficiency challenges.

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