Mobile Applications

Connect with your mobile customers and empower them to purchase with a powerful iOS and Android eCommerce app. 

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Is the time right to develop your eCommerce app?

Encouraging your customers to shop through a mobile application can be highly beneficial if:

  • Your website experiences a high percentage of repeat customers on mobile devices.
  • You regularly send email and SMS communication to your customers.
  • You are considering personalisation as part of your eCommerce strategy.
  • You believe a mobile application may help differentiate your experience from competitors.

If your eCommerce business has built up sufficient demand and loyalty, then our readily-developed eCommerce app will get you to market quickly.

Fully integrated with your website and store

Your eCommerce app will use the centralised product, customer and order data that you have stored in our eCommerce platform.

That means your new app will be 100% integrated with all of your other sales channels, and process orders back to the platform instantly.

eCommerce app development can seem quite intimidating; you might think you don’t have the time, the budget or technology resources to implement it, but that’s where we can help. 

The complexities lie in the integration with your data, and our apps fit seamlessly into our wider ecosystem of websites, marketplaces and stores.

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eCommerce App Development - Key Features

We provide the very latest in modern app development across iOS and Android.

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Product Inventory

Populate your eCommerce app with the same product data that you use across all of your other sales channels, maintaining 100% consistency.

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Easy Mobile Payments

Offer quick and convenient checkout experiences with one-click ordering, safe in-app detail storage, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

providing a consistent brand experience
Consistent Brand Experience

Your eCommerce app will be consistent with your website in design and journey, and if developed for both iOS and Android platforms, will provide a consistent experience across both operating systems.

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Deliver personalised content and offers through the eCommerce app, and allow users to customise their app settings to their preferences.

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Push Notifications

Use push notifications to keep your customers updated with delivery progress, letting them feel in control of the process. You can also use push notifications to support your marketing.

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Apps work faster than browsers because more data is already stored in the app, meaning less processing for servers, so users get a faster and better experience.

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Device Features

With access to device features, you can provide experience-enhancing tools like QR codes, a store locator, voice search and Bluetooth connectivity.

cross device ecommerce app development

Cross-device login ensures accessibility on all devices and platforms whilst giving you a unified customer view and the ability to track and measure activity across devices.

Outstanding eCommerce Website Development

Our professional, strategic approach to eCommerce website development guarantees you a new website that is genuinely outstanding.

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