Marketplace management solution

It’s wise to reach new customers where they prefer to shop, but if it’s resulting in siloed data and regular mistakes - it’s not working.

Manage your marketplace presence from one, wider omnichannel eCommerce solution that you can use to grow all aspects of your business.

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Maintain 100% consistency across all marketplaces

A successful marketplace strategy uses absolute consistency: pricing, product information, inventory levels and customer service must all be uniform across each one.

As you target new marketplaces, upload more products and increase your order volume, consistency becomes increasingly harder to maintain.

This inevitably leads to mistakes, chiefly selling out-of-stock items that were still available on the marketplace.

If these issues are seriously affecting your business, or you are simply ready to launch a marketplace strategy correctly, you will benefit from migrating your operation to our platform.

Our marketplace management solution

Our eCommerce Platform is integrated with the world’s leading marketplaces. You can sell across them using your centralised product data, with all orders processed directly back to the platform for you to fulfil.

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Marketplace Integrations

Use our marketplace integrations to consistently sync your product catalogue across the world’s leading marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay and Zalando.

product information management for marketplaces
Product Information Management

Manage and enrich your complex product data and assets using a Product Information Management System that guarantees consistency across all of your marketplaces.

customer management for marketplaces
Customer Management

Maintain an excellent customer experience by managing all of your customers, including those from your marketplaces, from our platform’s Customer Management System.

inventory management for marketplaces
Inventory Management

Stay in complete control of your inventory by working from one master stock record which can be split and monitored across all of your sales channels in real-time.

order management for marketplaces
Order Management

All of your marketplace orders are processed back to our eCommerce Platform so you have one, singular view of your fulfilment requirements across all sales channels.

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24/7/365 Support

Work with our eCommerce experts to build an eCommerce solution that drives marketplace success and dramatically increases your sales and efficiency.

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