Receiving & Putaway

Rapidly book new stock into your warehouse using innovative handheld technology, saving time and avoiding bottlenecks.

Receiving & Putaway

Rapidly book new stock into your warehouse using innovative handheld technology, saving time and avoiding bottlenecks.

Key features of our Receiving & Putaway technology

Improve the efficiency of booking new stock with our receiving software. It allows you to achieve more without increasing headcount.

Key features include:

Advanced Shipping Notifications

Get ahead of upcoming deliveries with advanced shipping notifications sent directly to our platform.

Scan From Pallet

Begin booking in inventory immediately, scanning the new stock using handheld devices.

Discrepancy Logging

An audible warning will sound if our technology believes the received item has been incorrectly sent.

Directed Putaway

Directing the placement of newly received goods into designated storage areas based on various criteria and priorities.

Goods Received Notes

Process goods received notes from suppliers and scan your goods' barcodes directly into the platform.

Inventory Management

Once your delivery has been processed, your inventory levels will automatically update to reflect the replenishment.

Hardware Provided

We will provide the handheld scanners that our software runs on.

Warehouse Efficiency

We will work with you to improve your warehouse processes and implement our technology to drive efficiency.

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Salaries that respect your worth

Salaries that respect your worth

Salaries that respect your worth

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No bottlenecks with quick and efficient inventory booking

We will integrate our eCommerce platform with your suppliers, meaning you can send and automate purchase orders without jumping between systems and emails.

This also means that you will receive advanced shipping notifications (ASN) to the platform, keeping your warehouse team fully aware of any upcoming deliveries and the goods that should be present.

Using our inbound receiving software, they can begin booking in the new stock immediately upon its arrival. The scanners will direct them to the correct storage location based on your pre-determined criteria.

This all means that your team can work rapidly to process new stock into your business, saving countless hours without increasing headcount.

Automatic notifications for discrepancies

When the new stock is processed into your warehouse the pallets can be scanned immediately.

Each item need only be scanned once, and our system will check the following criteria:

  • Can an inventory be located for the barcode?
  • Does the supplier for the delivery match the supplier for the item?
  • Are there any open purchase orders for this item and supplier?

If any of the above checks fail, the handheld will emit an audible warning sound along with a clear message detailing the reason for failure. Once the process is marked as completed on the handheld, a delivery note is logged into your platform for future use.

We have also built a discrepancy management system into this process. Any incomplete orders, such as missing or incorrect items, can be cross-referenced with the original ASN and suppliers can be notified of the mistake.

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Work with us to optimise your warehouse strategy

You may wish to work with us on your overarching warehouse strategy as part of your onboarding to our platform.

We work with retailers and distributors who manage their inventory across several warehouses and stores, optimising their inventory management processes and providing them with the technology they need to get more done without increasing their headcount.

Solutions driven by our own game-changing platform

If your existing supplier is no longer keeping up with you, or you’ve outgrown your existing technology, we can help.

Feature-rich and constantly evolving, our game-changing eCommerce platform will solve your growth and efficiency challenges.

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