Warehouse efficiency

We understand how painful it can be when you aren’t fast enough at getting goods in and out of your warehouse.

We can help you drastically improve the efficiency of your warehouse processes through innovative technology, saving your business time and money.

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Are warehouse inefficiencies holding you back?

An increase in order volume can put significant stress on a warehouse.

Receiving, putaway, picking and packing all require more resource - but finding and training enough staff to handle the extra work is a big challenge. With more orders to manage, there's a higher risk of errors in inventory tracking, as well as product shortages, overstocking, and delays.

This means unhappy customers and reduced profitability, diverting attention towards resolving administrative issues rather than focusing on growth.

How we improve warehouse efficiency

Fast-track new stock into your warehouse, rapidly pick, pack and despatch your orders and monitor your inventory levels in real time.

We will provide you with innovative handheld technology and a game-changing eCommerce platform so you can achieve much more without increasing your headcount.

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We will start by visiting your warehouse to understand your existing processes, use of space and current pain points. This ensures that we can provide a tailored solution for your warehouse set-up.

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Receiving & Putaway

Use our handhelds to scan deliveries directly from the pallet. Get directed putaway locations based on your requirements and automate discrepancy logging when the provided items are incorrect.

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Rapid Order Fulfilment

Generate optimised picking routes that save time, maintain 100% accuracy with our Pack Check feature, and dispatch orders with tracking information automatically sent to the customer.

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eCommerce Platform

We will migrate you to our powerful eCommerce platform, it drives rapid order fulfilment, real-time inventory tracking and detailed customer management across B2C & B2B.

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Shipping Integrations

We have various levels of integration with the UK’s leading couriers, allowing you to generate delivery labels and schedule pickups from your Order Management System.

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Supplier Integrations

We will integrate our eCommerce platform with your suppliers so you can replenish your warehouse and review advanced shipping notifications without leaving the platform.

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