eCommerce Feature Development

Develop unique, differentiating website features to increase sales and set yourself apart from competitors.

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Engage your users and stand out from the crowd

eCommerce websites are increasingly becoming templated and similar.

While they must all adhere to fundamental principles for success, the best websites distinguish themselves further.

Whether it's through a user-guiding quiz, or a seamlessly integrated subscription builder, these features, when developed effectively and aligned with the overall strategy, will drive an increase in sales and help your website shout the loudest.

We collaborate with our clients to create custom functionality for their eCommerce websites, driving a further increase in sales and generating word-of-mouth referrals.

We have the freedom to build what you need

Because our clients' websites are managed through our proprietary eCommerce platform, we have the flexibility to develop new features based on their briefs.

This level of freedom sets us apart from businesses that rely on rigid, out-of-the-box platforms they don’t own. It's one of the many advantages of partnering with a solutions provider that maintains full control of its technology.

If you require it, rest assured that our team of in-house professionals can build it.

That's where we distinguish ourselves.

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Our feature development process

We tend to work through the below project legs when adding new functionality to an eCommerce website:

1. Brief

Provide us with a brief that explains the new functionality you need, focusing on how it should work for the user and integrate with your platform.

2. Specification

We will answer your brief with a transparent specification that details how we will design and develop the new functionality.

3. Development

With the specification approved, our team will then build the new feature using best-in-class website development.

4. Testing

The new functionality is rigorously tested before launch so we are fully confident that it delivers against your brief.

Outstanding eCommerce website development

Our professional, strategic approach to eCommerce website development guarantees you a new website that is genuinely outstanding.

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Discuss your requirements with Michael Simcoe, Head of Technical Operations at Venditan.

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