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Q3 2023: What's New?

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Kamba Abudu
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Set different prices across multiple physical stores

An enhancement to our retail EPOS system offering allows clients to set product prices by location.

Prices for the same product can vary depending on factors like local demand, competition, and consumer demographics. With the ability to set different prices at different stores, our clients can adapt to these local market conditions, ensuring that they remain competitive and attractive to customers at each of their stores.

Dynamic pricing can be set via a manual setting update by Venditan developers, and our clients should contact us if they require more information on this new feature.

Support failed transactions with a fallback payment gateway

We have introduced a payment solution whereby card payments that fail due to an issue with the primary payment gateway can use a fallback payment gateway to complete the purchase.

The fallback can be switched on for specific groups of customers or all customers at once - upon a manual setting update by Venditan developers.

A second Merchant ID (MID) is required to set up a fallback gateway with a second payment provider, and transactions must be routed through the fallback gateway periodically to keep it active.

The primary benefit is enhanced payment reliability. When transactions fail due to issues with the primary payment gateway (downtime, technical problems, or connectivity issues), the fallback mechanism allows transactions to proceed smoothly, reducing the likelihood of lost sales and frustrated customers.

Support for Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) scheme

The Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) is a new VAT scheme to simplify the import of low-value goods, under 150 EUR per package into the EU, cutting costs and red tape for distance sellers and speeding up deliveries.

The IOSS scheme was introduced to combat issues related to the collection of VAT on cross-border eCommerce transactions especially the administrative burden on businesses

Under the IOSS scheme, eCommerce businesses can register in one EU member state (the member state of identification) and submit a single VAT return for all B2C sales of imported goods to EU customers.

Our platform now supports VAT charging under the IOSS scheme, which means orders to EU member states will have VAT added automatically only if the order total is below the IOSS threshold of 150 EUR. If the order is above that threshold, then VAT won't be added to the order.

Quickly generate price list PDFs for trade customers

We have added a feature that allows our B2B clients to generate custom price list PDFs using their own preset rules.

It can be time-consuming to manually create custom price lists for trade customers who receive preferential pricing.

This can now be automated, streamlining the process and reducing administrative overhead, meaning customers receive their pricing faster, and our clients can claim back time to focus on other areas of their business.

Prioritise sale products through merchandising

A new merchandising option has been added to our platform, allowing our clients to prioritise sale products at the top of their product listings pages.

This will prove beneficial for retailers who are hoping to draw immediate attention to discounted inventory that they are hoping to sell as a priority. It ensures that sale items are prominently featured, catching the customers’ attention.

Block order-related communication by marketplace

Our clients can now choose whether or not a marketplace should send order-related customer communication, such as order confirmation and shipping updates.

This is useful for retailers who import orders from external marketplaces into our platform and ensures that customers are not provided with duplicate communication about their orders.

Review your stock cost and history with a new widget

Quickly gain an understanding of what stock you have in your business, at what cost price and when it was booked into our platform with our new Stock Cost History widget.

With real-time, rich inventory information our clients can make informed decisions. For example, they can quickly identify slow-moving or obsolete items, and adjust their procurement strategies accordingly.

Automatically tag fast-selling products and display rosettes

Draw attention to fast-selling products without ever having to click a button.

Our platform can now automatically tag these products with display rosettes on your product listings and display pages, driving engagement and increasing urgency to purchase.

This removes the manual task of identifying and highlighting fast-selling products and ensures their popularity is highlighted instantly.

Automatically validate customers’ EORI and VAT numbers

This is an integration with vatapi.com which allows a website and our platform’s administration system to automatically validate customers’ EORI and VAT numbers for determining the correct VAT context.

It saves our clients the hassle of having to validate these credentials manually, which can often be time-consuming during busy periods.

Apply strict rules for order-holding

Our clients can now apply strict rules for analysing new orders, with orders placed on hold if the condition is not met, and the order cannot be taken off hold and progressed unless the condition is resolved.

Implementing strict rules ensures a consistent and efficient approach to order holding.

Clients can apply predefined criteria uniformly, reducing the risk of errors or inconsistencies in decision-making, whilst automation allows for quick and immediate responses to the strict rule that triggered order holds.

Update sale price dates in bulk

Our Inventory Updater Tool allows our clients to bulk update their product data using a spreadsheet-like interface. We recently added the ability to update sale price dates from this tool. 

Now, sale start and end dates can be refreshed in bulk, helping our clients to quickly provide clarity to customers about when a discount or promotional offer is available.

If you are interested in any of the recent Venditan Commerce developments and would like to discuss your options as a Venditan client, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager for more information.

For more on our eCommerce platform and how it can help your business, simply click the embedded link or get in touch with us today. We aim to reply within one business hour.

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