10 Brilliant Push Notification Ideas For Your eCommerce App


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February 13, 2020
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If you’re venturing into the exciting world of app commerce, you’re going to want to be clued up on push notifications and how to efficiently use them as a part of your eCommerce strategy. They’re a great way to support marketing campaigns and the customer journey with your business. An eMarketer report has found that eCommerce apps using push notifications to boost opens saw 278% more app launches than those not using this method. So let’s take a look at some push notification ideas you can implement for your eCommerce app.

What is a push notification?

Push notifications are short messages that can be sent on mobile devices to users who have your app. They can be sent regardless of whether the user has the app open and are a really effective way of communicating with your customers.

App permissions

When a customer signs up to your app, make sure you ask if they’re happy to receive updates in order to activate push notifications. The chances are, they’ll be more obliging to receive notifications like this rather than putting their email address in – it’s a really simple opt-in or opt-out setting they can control at any time.

Push notification ideas you can implement

  • Stock alerts: Enable your customers to sign up for stock alerts on items that are temporarily out of stock. This is also a good idea to implement for items that are kept on your customer’s wishlists.
  • Instore/near store location: Alert your app users to special offers when they are near your stores using location settings on their device. This is a great way to drive foot traffic if you operate a store as well as an eCommerce presence.  
  • Order and delivery updates: People like to be kept up to date when it comes to what is happening with their order. Use push notifications to let them know how the order is being processed when it is with couriers, and out for delivery.
  • Flash sales: Create a sense of urgency to drive traffic to your app with a flash sale, or limited time offer. Let your app users know this is happening with a push notification. Customers are more likely to get this notification in time to access a flash sale and make the most of the offer rather than via an email marketing campaign as not everyone checks their email as regularly as their phone.
  • Personalised offers: Use push notifications to notify your app users of special personalised offers unique to them. Make them feel super special with promotions like money off for their birthday or sign-up anniversary offers.
  • New lines and products added: Let your customers know when you have new lines or products going live. The exclusivity of checking out something new is bound to drive app opens.
  • Abandoned cart reminders: You should see a lower abandonment rate for your shopping carts on an app than desktop thanks to a more seamless experience. For those who don’t check out, they can easily be promoted with a friendly push notification reminder.
  • Price drop alerts: Prompt users to purchase by keeping them in the know when it comes to price fluctuations. Send them an alert when items on their wishlist items or recently viewed items are reduced.
  • Reminders for inactive users: Sometimes, your customers may just need a little nudge. If you’ve not had a visit from a user for a while, you can look to sending a push notification with a reminder and offer code to entice them back.
  • Weather-based offers: The weather, especially here in the UK is extremely unpredictable. The crazy weather we have is always a hot topic so take full advantage of big weather events to boost sales of seasonal products.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, these push notification ideas are a great starting point for you wanting to make the most of them for your eCommerce app! Can you think of any more ways to use them?

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