What’s New in Venditan Commerce: Q2 2020


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August 13, 2020
eCommerce & Retail Technology

The past quarter has seen us add some powerful new functionality to the Venditan Commerce platform. There has been a strong focus on creating efficiencies to allow tasks to be completed with a reduced headcount, and better reporting to allow more visibility of key data.

What’s New in Venditan Commerce: Q2 2020

.01 Latest Security Updates

.02 Improvements to the Price Update Report

.03 Enhance product information with CMS comments

.04 Update to the Proposed Internal Shipping Requests

.05 More relevant search results with Search Synonyms

.06 Inventory colour swatch management

.07 Option of adding arrival location

.08 New report: Uninvoiced Split Orders

.09 Group your trade buyers by company

.10 IN PROGRESS: Judopay Integration + Acquiring Opps


Latest Security Updates, to protect you and your customers

Infrastructure and web security are important to us, and form a core part of how we think and operate. With rapid advances in technology, security threats are becoming more sophisticated with every passing day, and as a result we continuously keep on top of security best practices.

We made the following important Security Updates in Q2;

  • Rate limiting on customer authentication attempts to impede automated brute-force attacks
  • Rate limiting on other key customer interaction points on websites
  • Validating new administration passwords against a blacklist of common passwords
  • Enhanced requirements for administration passwords
  • Rolling out hosted payment pages to all websites to reduce PCI scope and impede man-in-the-middle attacks


Improvements to the Price Update Report

With the Price Update Report you can view any sale prices that have been set up for a group of products. You can configure the report to show you sale prices for a certain brand, department, product category, season, marketplace or currency.

We’ve improved this report by adding a Last Cost Price column so that you can quickly get an idea of a product’s profit margin during sale.

To view cost prices when generating this report, click Configure in the top left corner, then check the box next to Show last cost price? Please note that selecting this option will slow down the generation of the report slightly.

How to access the feature: Access this report by navigating to Reporting > Reports > Sales Reports. If you would like to start using this report but can’t see it within Venditan Commerce, please get in touch with your account manager who will arrange for it to be enabled.


Enhance your product information with CMS comments

CMS Comments has been added as an area to review and respond to questions or comments about products from customers. When a customer submits a comment, you’ll receive a notification email with a link to the comment screen.

From the comment screen, you can view the product that the comment relates to and post your response. This will be emailed to the customer and can either be approved for the website or left unpublished.

Displaying your answers to customers’ questions on your product pages can help customers to make more educated purchasing decisions, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing returns. It can also help to reduce customer service enquiries. If you’d like to add a Q&A area to your product pages, please speak to your account manager.


Update to the Proposed Internal Shipping Requests (ISRs) screen

Internal Shipping Requests are used to move stock around your business. They can be created manually, for example, Store A may request that Store B transfers stock for a customer, or they can be automatically generated to replenish one of your locations.

To make your life easier when moving larger quantities of inventory, we have updated the Proposed ISRs screen with a select/deselect all checkbox, allowing you to bulk send ISRs to Picking without needing to select each individual line.

How to access the feature: If you already use ISRs, you will already see the new checkbox on the Proposed ISRs screen. If you aren’t currently using ISRs but think that you would find them useful, please contact your account manager who can talk you through the feature in more detail and get it enabled within your installation.


Show more relevant site search results with Search Synonyms

We’ve added a new screen to the CMS tab which allows you to set up search synonyms. For example, you might set up ‘EDT’ as a search synonym of ‘eau de toilette’. Rather than redirecting the user to the Fragrances page, they will be taken to a search results page showing their exact search query at the top but including results for both ‘EDT’ and ‘eau de toilette’ related products.

How to access the feature: The Search Synonyms screen is available under the CMS tab. If you would like to use this feature but don’t can’t see it within your installation, please contact your account manager.


Inventory colour swatch management

We have added an interface so that you can now select if a product category should display different colour variants as swatches or within a dropdown menu.

If your website already displays colour swatches in product and listing pages, navigate to Admin > Inventory > Tags and select the category you would like to configure. On the tag screen, you will see the option to choose Swatch or Dropdown.

The inventory screen will also now flag if no colour swatch has been added for the product.

At the member level, the warning message will be displayed across the top of the inventory screen within a pink banner.

At the master level, a warning triangle will be displayed alongside the member with the missing swatch.


Option of adding arrival location as part of Purchase Order Import

The purchase order import has a new optional column so that you can add an arrival location. This is especially useful if you want to ring-fence stock. For example, you may want to keep a set number of items aside for one of your stores. When the stock arrives, Venditan Commerce will automatically book the stock into the correct bin.

How to access the feature: If you’d like to include the arrival location as part of your import, get in touch with your account manager who can provide you with an updated CSV template.


New report: Uninvoiced Split Orders

A new report has been built to allow you to view any uninvoiced split orders. You can access this by navigating to Reporting > Reports > Uninvoiced Split Orders. The report can also be configured to send a daily update via email.


Group your trade buyers by company with Buying Groups

You now have the ability to assign B2B customers to a Buying Group. Buying groups will be responsible for the payment of invoices for the individual buyers that belong to them.

Each individual buyer will maintain their own invoice and delivery address but the buying group is responsible for payment of goods.

Invoices can be sent to either the Buying Group, individual buyers or both.

To create a Buying Group, navigate to Admin > Buying Groups > Manage. Once you’ve created your Buying Group, you’ll be able to add individual buyers to it from their customer account screen. The buyer will need to be set up as a trade customer.


IN PROGRESS: Judopay Integration (August 2020 Launch)

Judopay – the leader in mobile-first payments.

We are currently working on an integration with Judopay’s payment gateway solution.

Unlike many hosted payment providers, Judopay allows retailers to customise their hosted payments page using their own colours and fonts, creating brand recognition and trust.

Judopay’s state-of-the-art fraud detection and prevention tools use machine learning and device DNA to keep both your business’ and customers’ money safe.

For Internationalisation, you’ll have the option to offer over 100 currencies across multiple payment methods without the need for any complex updates to the integration.

Judopay is set for release on the Venditan Commerce platform in August 2020. Get in touch with your Account Manager to find out more.

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