3 features we added to Venditan Commerce in 2022

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2022 was another year of forward motion for our Venditan Commerce platform. We were presented with a number of interesting briefs from both our new and existing clients, each giving us the opportunity to add innovative solutions to our rich list of platform features.

With the New Year in full swing, I thought it would be a great opportunity to produce a short article listing some of our favourite work from across the year, and show you how our clients are maximising some of the features that we have developed for them.

Use quiz funnels to serve personalised search results

For eCommerce websites that have large, complex product mixes it can be useful to offer an experience that guides the user through to a personalised set of product recommendations.

That’s exactly what quiz funnels do. By asking the user a series of questions based on the variables in the product mix, the catalogue can be narrowed down as specifically as one suggested product.

Last year we developed a quiz funnel experience for Sigma Sports’ eCommerce website, which you can try for yourselves by clicking here.

For the customer, a lot of thought goes into purchasing a new bicycle. This wizard-style shopping experience allows them to answer questions on how they intend to use their bike, their height, their preferred bicycle brands and their budget. Filtered results are then displayed for the user to browse, eliminating the irrelevant products and helping them focus entirely on products that may inspire them to purchase.

Taking the thought process out of the users’ hands and into a funnelled process ensures that they are guided in the direction of personalised results, as opposed to being left to interact with product filters and categorisation autonomously.

Make sure that offers are visible and well promoted

Other eCommerce websites will require a different strategy. For those that are looking to encourage combination sales or target basket totals, we can utilise surface offers to show website users the discounts and deals associated with the products they are looking at.

For example, we can clearly communicate that certain products are part of a 3-for-2 deal, and this can be displayed both on the product listing page and product display page for maximum visibility.

It is important that the user is well aware of any incentives before they initiate the checkout. The likelihood of the user backing out of the checkout process to reconfigure their basket is low, so eCommerce websites need to maximise the time the user spends browsing.

Note the prominence of the 'Special Offer'

Provide a great product comparison experience

Users may need to compare the products that an eCommerce website offers, particularly if the products can be separated based on highly technical information. This can be very hard for the user to do if they have to jump from tab to tab, referencing the different product display pages in an attempt to compare them.

We can make this much easier for the user, and give the website a better chance of converting them into a customer.

By allowing users to select their desired products when browsing a product listings page, users can initiate a feature that displays the product information in a clear comparison UI.

This is another feature that we have worked on with Sigma Sports, and you can give it a go by using this category. Simply click ‘Compare’ on up to four products and initiate the comparison window using the toolbar at the foot of the page. This brings up the feature from within the category URL, meaning users are not redirected away from the category that they have chosen.

Allowing users to compare products based on the information that matters, from one screen, without having to load up a new page is very powerful. Users can then click through from the product comparison table to the product display page.

Informed users = higher conversion rate.

Bonus features:

Here are some additional features that we have added to Venditan Commerce over the past year. Some features are available out-the-box while others will require customisation to suit you. To start that discussion, simply reach out to your account manager for more information if you are interested in learning more.

Delivery date selection

Our checkout process now supports delivery date selection, meaning customers can select a date for when their items should be delivered. This is particularly useful for items that are purchased on special occasions, such as flowers and wine, or home furniture that requires the customer to be at their home to receive the delivery.

Persistent login

Our clients can improve the browsing experience for their customers by giving them the option to stay logged in longer across all the devices they use to shop for their products. For eCommerce websites that process a lot of trade from repeat customers, this is a well-appreciated addition to the experience they are able to provide for them.


Easily create quotations for your store customers and print or email them for convenience. These quotations can later be scanned to initiate a purchase. This seamlessly connects your customers’ in-store experience with their follow-up online, ensuring it is as easy as possible for them to follow through on their purchase after a consultation in person.

Subscription services

Venditan Commerce offers the functionality to allow a customer to receive recurring orders for one or more products with automatic tokenised payments. This is beneficial for eCommerce websites that action regular, repeat business or a subscription eCommerce solution.

Product personalisation

Support is offered for personalised products, enabling customers to customise wording and/or designs that can appear on items they order. This feature is commonly used in product gifting and clothing personalisation.


Using our built-in customer segmentation tool, you can also use our platform to understand your customer database further.

Narrow down customer data or tag customers based on extensive built-in filters such as spend, geo-location and products that have been purchased. This will enable you to personalise your marketing efforts and feed into an improved customer experience.

The filter options allow you to dive into your data and create targeted audience segments. The segments can be downloaded as a CSV and imported into your ESP of choice.

Final Thoughts

The constantly evolving nature of our eCommerce platform ensures that our clients are kept at the forefront of online and in-store retail. In 2023 we will be communicating more regularly on the updates that we make to Venditan Commerce so that our clients and website visitors are well-informed on the latest features we have available.

If you would like to discuss any of these features in more detail, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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