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Our recent VenditAnniversaries

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April 24, 2023
Company News

It's been a while since we had a VenditAnniversary to celebrate but March and April saw four team members hit important milestones.

The end of March saw Mike Smith hit a big nine-year milestone. Mike is the Development Lead on our work with Sigma Sports. He joined Venditan as the sole full-time developer working on the account, and so his role has grown with the client and the team that he is responsible for.

Today, Mike leads on the support we provide for Sigma's website and warehouse software, helping to develop new features, roll out EPOS and P400 solutions, and generally lead and mentor our dedicated team where required.

Mid-April saw Karlo Stanišić celebrate his two-year VenditAnniversary with the company! Karlo joined us in 2021 as a Back-end Web Developer and was promoted to a senior role in 2022. He plays an important part in the development of new, exciting Venditan Commerce features.

He added: "So far, so good! I'm working with a great team at Venditan with everyone always ready and available to help and support each other - especially my mentor, Kamba Abudu and AI-helper, Kaz Sajkowski."

We then congratulated Senior Account Manager, Steph Fenton on her 13th year with us!

Managing Director, John Coyne with added afew words: "Steph is a shining example of what it means to be a part of our team. Incredibly hard-working, smart, diligent, and a great person to be around. Thank you for all of your fantastic work over the years, on behalf of all of us at Venditan."

And finally, this week saw us celebrate David Curtis-Whitfield's 6th VenditAnniversary. David has held a Senior position within a dedicated client team for around four years now, his work varies across the client's website, back-end platform and in-store EPOS solutions.

Join us in congratulating Mike, Karlo, Steph and David on their respective miletones. Thank you all for your hard work.

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