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Best-in-class eCommerce website development

We deliver best-in-class eCommerce website development that is proven to help online retailers sell more.

When migrating to our platform, Venditan Commerce, we will provide you with a stunning, new eCommerce website to ensure your online presence is seamless.
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eCommerce design based on facts

We know what a highly converting eCommerce website should look like because our solutions are backed by industry-leading research.

Baymard Institute’s analysis of eCommerce design covers hundreds of parameters across the top 60 grossing US and European eCommerce websites.

The results give clear direction on the best methodology for a successful eCommerce website, and this informs every aspect of our work.

Nothing is left to guesswork and without rounds of lengthy design revisions, we can quickly get you to market with a website product that uses state-of-the-art eCommerce techniques.
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A powerful platform that achieves more

We deliver more than just great-looking websites.

Built with Google in mind

Search engine performance is a primary focus of all our eCommerce website solutions. Our websites are developed to:
Load fast
Index easily
Increase rankings.

Our migration process protects your existing Google rankings by carefully analysing your existing content and backlinks.

We develop our websites using a clean and crawlable codebase that is easy for Google to understand, ensuring that your website stands the best possible chance of ranking highly, no matter the size of your inventory.

Beautiful design no matter the device

Our eCommerce websites are responsive to all screen sizes.This means that no matter the device, your website will seamlessly scale to guarantee an excellent user experience.

Smartphones account for 68% of all online purchases so we place a huge emphasis on mobile experience, in accordance with the guidance Baymard gives us.

Your new eCommerce website, strategised by experts

With over 20 years of experience in online retail, we are able to onboard and support you with thorough processes that have grown with us. When onboarding you, we will host a series of workshops and build a migration strategy that considers all of your requirements in detail. You will then be delivered with technical specifications that demonstrate exactly what we will deliver for you.From there, our website builds are handled in-house by our team of experienced front-end developers and once you give us the go-ahead to launch, our trading team can work closely with you on your ongoing success.

Enhanced by integrations and partnerships

Our eCommerce website solutions are bolstered by industry partners and integrations across delivery, online payments, marketplaces and everything in between.Due to the flexible nature of our eCommerce platform, we are able to easily integrate with any existing technology providers you need to carry over from your current set-up.

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