Seamless bricks-and-clicks solution

How we helped an independent running specialist break free from their fragmented bricks-and-clicks setup in favour of one, feature-rich solution.
3 stores and 1 website all tied together
1 single view of stock and customer data
52% increase in organic traffic in Y1

The brief

First launched in 1982, Run and Become are an independent specialist running and fitness retailer with stores in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff alongside their growing online business.

When they approached us in 2013 they explained that they were regularly overselling products due to a lack of integration across their website, EPOS and inventory management technology.

Website customers were often disappointed, and staff left frustrated - online, they needed to replicate their flourishing in-store experience, which was being elevated by expert advice and consultation.

The solution

Our aim was clear: help Run and Become bring together all their technology and processes into a single, user-friendly solution. This would empower them to efficiently manage and expand their retail operation from one centralised platform.

New website

Run and Become were provided with a new, cutting-edge eCommerce website as part of their migration to our platform.

As well as starting this new chapter in their online journey with a stunning new aesthetic, the development also provided them with an improved CMS for their informational content.

EPOS solution

Frustrated by the lack of capabilities in their existing technology, our out-of-the-box EPOS software was installed across the three Run and Become sites.

Running on industry-leading hardware, and fully integrated with their new website build, it guaranteed them a total, synced, and cloud-based overview of inventory, customer and sales information.

Purchasing & Inventory

With advanced purchasing features, our platform allowed Run and Become to configure certain items so that they could sell them even when they didn’t physically have the stock.

Further, staff could check inventory levels across the business and propose internal shipping requests to transfer available stock across sites.

Exploring Run and Become’s pain points

Run and Become found themselves grappling with overselling issues and limitations on promotions. Their external website CMS further complicated matters, driving up costs and causing customer confusion by redirecting them to a separate platform for essential functions.

Fragmented technology

Using multiple systems to manage their stock, website and tills meant that overselling was a real problem. They would frequently receive web orders only to find that the stock had already sold in one of their stores, leading to frustration for the customer and staff alike.‍‍

Run and Become were frustrated with the capabilities of their existing EPOS system with no way of applying promotion codes or discounts for in-store customers.

Bloat is costly

Informational content was created and maintained through WordPress. This caused confusion for customers as they were taken off to another website to watch demonstration videos, book clinic appointments or sign up for their running events.

Paying for multiple pieces of technology was proving costly, particularly when combined with the financial impact associated with overselling.

How we helped Run and Become

Clearly, there were several issues holding Run and Become back from achieving their aspirations for online growth.

However, migrating to Venditan Commerce has provided them with a range of out-of-the-box benefits that immediately transformed their ability to work smarter and paved the way for future success.

Solving the overselling problem

Consolidating the management of their online and physical stores into our platform has provided Run and Become with one unified view of their inventory, orders and customers.

With our platform installed as their central ERP, real-time inventory management quickly became possible, giving Run and Become a comprehensive view of stock levels across all locations. As sales are made, Venditan Commerce automatically updates inventory quantities, ensuring accurate stock availability. This prevents the risk of overselling, as the system can track and allocate stock to specific locations based on demand. 

Using our platform, staff from one store could check if another store has an item available and propose an internal shipping request. The source store is notified of the request so that they can pick, pack and dispatch the required items. No more manual management of delicate inventory data.

Enhanced EPOS capabilities

While we can integrate our with any existing EPOS provider, Run and Become opted to install our future-first technology across their three physical stores.

As well as being able to perform all of the basic requirements expected of a till system, our EPOS software comes readily installed with a host of advanced features that allow businesses to better serve their in-store customers, and provide a seamlessly connected experience between their stores and their website.

Where previously they were blocked by their technology, in-store promotion codes and discount generation were now instantly accessible for Run and Become.

Advanced purchasing features

Helping Run & Become break free from their fragmented clicks and mortar setup in favour of one, feature-rich platform.Our platform allowed Run and Become to configure certain items so that they could sell them even when they didn't physically have the stock.

Ordered items were added to a request to purchase screen to alert the purchasing team. They also had the option to specify items that should be automatically added to purchase orders, speeding up the process.

The request to purchase screen was also configured to display anything that had fallen below its ideal stock level. Centralised purchasing allowed Run & Become to replenish stock for their stores and eCommerce website efficiently, without the risk of over-buying or being caught short without enough stock on the shop floor or online. Each store had the ability to view current stock levels, open purchase orders and, if required, raise purchase orders of their own. 

Work we delivered

As well as helping Run and Become with the back office technology they needed to be successful, we also completely revamped their customer-facing website, delivering a 52% increase in organic traffic in Y1 of the partnership.

Optimised for mobile devices

In response to the exponential growth of mobile device usage and the evolving needs of online shoppers, we embarked on a transformative journey to create a new eCommerce website that combatted the inadequate mobile responsiveness and limited functionality of Run and Become’s previous build.

The website was built using a mobile-first approach, ensuring seamless compatibility across various screen sizes and resolutions. A simplified and intuitive checkout system was implemented, reducing steps and optimising the overall user flow, while high-quality product images and interactive elements were integrated to provide a visually immersive shopping experience.

A hub of informational content

Run and Become’s website houses a variety of Guide content covering their various product categories.

These guides provide valuable information, allowing users to read about the features, benefits, and considerations of featured products that Run and Become choose to spotlight in each guide.

By offering this comprehensive informational content, the website establishes itself as a trusted resource for runners, enhances the overall user experience, and increases the likelihood of conversions by providing valuable guidance to potential customers.

Powered by a flexible CMS

We moved Run and Become away from WordPress and over to Venditan Commerce’s integrated CMS.

The operational benefits of having the ability to edit and add content from the same system powering the retail operation were not the only advantages.

Run and Become also benefited from a CMS that was configured with pre-built, yet highly flexible templates, enabling them to create dynamic informational content effortlessly. The pre-built templates provided a ready-to-use framework that eliminated the need for extensive coding and design work. This streamlined the content creation process, saving time and effort.

The pre-configured templates ensured that all created content maintained a consistent look and feel. This consistency reinforced Run and Become’s brand identity and enhanced their professional image.

“When we were constantly selling something online that hours earlier we had sold on the shop floor, and frequently frustrating customers who wanted to redeem gift vouchers online that they had bought in store, or vice-versa, we knew we needed to end the previous approach of using different systems to run different parts of our business. The Venditan Commerce solution gives us great visibility across our entire stock, in real-time, no matter where we want to sell it.”

Shankara Smith

Founder, Run & Become

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