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eCommerce Order Management System

You sell through multiple channels or dispatch from several locations, so you know that not having the right order management processes in place can lead to inefficiencies and, ultimately, unhappy customers.

Venditan Commerce Order Management System

Make order management simple with Venditan Commerce. Our tried and tested processes will save you time, money and human resources and get your customers' orders out faster.
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Venditan Commerce: eCommerce Order Management System

Are you experiencing growing pains?

An increased number of orders could make existing processes unmanageable for growing retailers. Back when you were only receiving a few orders per hour, it was no problem for a small team to pick and pack all orders ahead of your daily courier collection.

Now that your orders have increased dramatically and are coming in via the website, eBay, Amazon and stores, it’s become a real challenge to log into multiple systems, prioritise orders, pick all the stock (error-free), generate tracking details, and package parcels up ahead of the couriers arriving. If this sounds familiar, it may be that you’ve outgrown your existing eCommerce platform and need a change.

Signs that you’ve outgrown your current eCommerce order management system

Without the correct software and processes in place, you’ll find that you’re wasting valuable time, effort and money.

Manual Processes

You may find that your team are wasting time on tasks that you should have automated. Worse still, you could be implementing needless workarounds to make your existing platform fit with your business.

Multiple Systems

If you’re selling on third-party marketplaces or provide your customers with courier tracking, your team may be wasting time logging into multiple systems before they can get customers’ orders out the door.

Overworked Employees

Without smart processes in place, it could take your team twice as long to dispatch the same amount of orders. This could result in delayed orders, your team working overtime, or needing to increase your workforce.

Frustrated Customers

If customer expectations are incorrectly set, you run the risk of unhappy customers and a damaged reputation. Automatic order updates should be sent to keep customers informed and reduce order enquiries.

Costly Mistakes

Your software should help you to prevent expensive errors such as accidentally dispatching the wrong items to customers or cancelling customers’ orders due to missing items.

Limited Visibility

Not having a real-time, single view of customer, order and stock information means that your accounts, marketing and customer service teams may be unable to make informed decisions.

Venditan Commerce allows you to manage all your orders through a single, cloud-based platform

A Smarter Way To Process eCommerce Orders

As you grow, you need to become smarter about the way that you manage and process orders. Venditan Commerce uses a number of intelligent processes and automates tasks that don’t require human intervention.

Use a single piece of software

One of the most time-saving aspects of Venditan Commerce is that it allows you to manage orders from all your selling channels within a single platform. Orders downstream from any third-party marketplaces and are grouped by delivery option alongside orders from your website and store. Integration with all major couriers means that tracking details and shipping labels are automatically generated for orders.

Eliminate errors

Using the Venditan Commerce handheld scanners during the picking and packing process prevents your team from accidentally sending out similar but incorrect items.

Automate decisions

Orders that need to be fulfilled from multiple locations are automatically split to prevent the need for internal stock transfers.

Picking lists, containing the highest priority orders first, can be automatically printed at set times throughout the day ready for your pick and pack team to process.

Informed customers

Automatic notifications are sent out via email or SMS to keep customers updated about the status of their orders. This correctly sets customer expectations and reduces order enquiries.

Adapt as you grow

As your order numbers increase, Venditan Commerce can be configured to use smart picking strategies such as single route batch picking (following the most efficient route), pigeon-hole picking or zone picking. These reduce the average travel distance required to pick orders.

The Venditan Commerce platform has helped us deliver a higher level of customer service

"We started by configuring automated updates to expected delivery dates as and when they changed - which was a game-changer for customer services. This, coupled with significantly improved warehouse management and order fulfilment tools, positioned us correctly for rapid eCommerce growth."

Simon Brown, eCommerce Manager, Nest.co.uk
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Why choose Venditan Commerce to manage your orders?

Highly Scalable

Suitable for retailers and distributors of all sizes, whether you process 10 or 10,000 orders per day.


Implement time-saving automation, eliminate the risk of human error and reduce the need for additional staff.

Simple To Use

As part of the onboarding process, we will complete on-site training to take your team through the Venditan Commerce platform.

24/7 Support

If you have any problems processing customer orders, we offer round the clock support 365 days per year via our online support portal.

A Single System

A cloud-based solution gives all teams across your business a real-time view of orders, stock and customers.

Highly Customisable

Due to the flexible nature of the Venditan Commerce, we are able to incorporate existing concepts to fit around your business.

Feel like your processes are too manual, but you aren’t sure how to make them more efficient? No problem, as part of your onboarding process our team of experts will visit you to see how you currently manage your orders and show you how to get more out of your existing infrastructure without increasing cost.

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