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eCommerce UX Audit

Forrester research shows that impressive UX can increase eCommerce conversion rates by up to 400%.

Are you confident in the experience that your website delivers?

Have your UX audited by Venditan, an eCommerce solutions provider with over two decades of experience in eCommerce website design and UX.

An eCommerce UX audit is perfect for…

- Businesses that wish to understand the experience their current website provides, and what opportunities there may be to improve this, driving an increase in conversion rate and revenue.

- Businesses that have recently launched a new eCommerce website, and require an impartial third-party review of the UX design.

- Businesses that have experienced a sudden drop in traffic and/or revenue and wish to understand if this is a UX-related issue (see also, oureCommerce SEO Audit)

UX Audit Booklet

eCommerce UX audit grounded by data

We can help you to understand how your eCommerce website's UX stands up against the parameters and benchmarks of the Baymard Institute's unrivalled research into website usability.

Your full audit report will demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of your existing website design, covering hundreds of UX principles that are backed by over 100,000 hours of credible research, applied by our in-house experts who possess over 20+ years of eCommerce experience.

Our eCommerce UX audits focus on the full conversion path of the website, typically following:


Just as most website users would do, we start our journey at your homepage.

Homepage Design Audit

Structure & Functionality

Homepage Content Analysis

Website Navigation

Website Architecture

Mobile Optimisation

PLP (Product Listing Page)

From there, we will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your product listings pages.

PLP Design Audit

Structure & Functionality

PLP Content Analysis

Filter Systems

Mobile Optimisation

PDP (Product Display Page)

Users then navigate to product pages, and we will audit yours based on the below criteria.

PDP Design Audit

Structure & Functionality

PDP Content Analysis

Mobile Optimisation


Can users add products to their baskets in an optimal way? How easy do you make it for users to browse and edit their baskets before checkout?

Basket Page Design Audit

Analysis of Add To Basket Functionality

Mobile Optimisation

Checkout & Success

Finally, can users purchase your products with the minimum of fuss? Does your checkout process follow a logical, best-practice flow?

Checkout & Payment Pages Design Audit

Analysis of Checkout Process

Mobile Optimisation

Begin your eCommerce UX Audit within one working day - talk to an expert

How our eCommerce UX audit works

1. Contact

Reach out to us to book an initial no-obligation chat. We will discuss your requirements so we can piece together an audit proposal that covers what you need it to.

2. Consultation

Once we have your approval, we will then arrange an onboarding call to explore your requirements in more detail. Our audits are composable and can be built to cover specific focus points if required.

3. Audit

Leave us to audit your website's UX in detail, gathering results into a clear and concise document that explains your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve UX.

4. Your Audit Document

Once complete, you will receive your Audit document. Audits are sent over in PDF format and are designed to be engaging, concise and informative.

5. Follow-up

If required, we can arrange a follow-up call to answer any questions you may have about the data that has been provided to you.

Find out how you can improve your UX

We have over two decades of experience in eCommerce website development, building best-in-class websites that deliver industry-leading eCommerce user experiences.

Contact us and we can start your eCommerce UX audit within one working day.

Further reading

Interested in the finer details?

Read more about the work we deliver through our eCommerce UX audits.


Just as most website users would do, we start our journey at your homepage. In the fast-paced digital world, a website's homepage serves as a virtual shop front, welcoming visitors and setting the stage for their online journey.

But what happens when that shop front fails to engage, guide, or captivate its audience? Well, the potential customer walks down the street, and the user leaves the website.

Our eCommerce UX audit puts your website's homepage under meticulous examination.  Aimed at uncovering opportunities for improvement and enhancing the overall user experience, we cover all aspects of design, functionality, and content.

We scrutinise the design elements, analysing the visual appeal, layout, and use of colour, ensuring they align with your brand identity and resonate with your target audience.

We evaluate the functionality, meticulously testing navigation, interactivity, and responsiveness across different devices and browsers, ensuring seamless user interactions and eliminating any frustrating roadblocks. We also examine the imagery and multimedia elements, ensuring they enhance the user experience without overwhelming or distracting.

We evaluate the clarity, relevance, and engagement potential of the content on your homepage, including analysis of your copywriting by our in-house marketing professional, ensuring it communicates your value proposition effectively and guides users towards their desired actions. 

Website Architecture
We will rebuild your sitemap in a visual system to help you understand the structure of your categories and subcategories. This gives you an informative, birds-eye view of the current state of your website and can help you make decisions on the potential restructuring of your architecture to improve the overall UX of the website.


PLP - Product Listing Pages

From there, we will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your product listings pages. A well-designed and user-friendly category page template can make all the difference in providing a seamless and delightful shopping experience.

We begin by evaluating the design of your category page template, assessing its visual appeal, layout, and overall aesthetics. We analyse the use of colour, typography, and imagery, ensuring they align with your brand identity while enhancing the user experience. An optimised PLP design should offer a visually engaging and cohesive browsing environment that entices users to engage with their chosen product.

As with your homepage, the functionality of your category page template will also be put to the test. We will analyse your filter systems, ensuring they are intuitive, easy to use, and enable users to refine the PLP to their liking. We assess the product variations, ensuring they are clearly displayed, accompanied by comprehensive information, and offer seamless options for selection.

Finally, our audit focuses on the content of your category pages. We examine their use of descriptive and informational content, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the copy that is being used.

PDP - Product Display Pages

Users then navigate to individual product pages. Perhaps the most important pages on an eCommerce website, a well-designed PDP with a focus on excellent UX can significantly impact conversion rates and sales. By providing a seamless and intuitive user experience, you can guide potential customers through the buying journey, ensuring they have all the information they need to make a confident purchase decision. A positive UX on the PDP can reduce friction, address user concerns, and encourage them to complete the transaction.

Our expert team meticulously evaluates the usability of your PDP template, focusing on critical elements that can impact your conversion rate. We assess the presentation and clarity of product variation information, ensuring it is prominently displayed and easily understandable. By optimising the display of variations such as sizes, colours, and configurations, we ensure users can make informed choices without confusion or frustration.

Additionally, our audit examines the quality and effectiveness of product descriptions. We analyse their clarity, relevance, and persuasive power in communicating the unique selling points of each product. By crafting compelling and informative descriptions, we empower users to make confident purchase decisions, increasing the likelihood of conversions. This also includes any important technical information that customers may require, such as dimensions, materials, or specifications. We evaluate its accessibility and ensure it is presented in a user-friendly format, reducing friction in the decision-making process.

By thoroughly examining these crucial elements, our eCommerce UX audit provides answers to the pivotal question: Is this PDP template strong enough to convert users into sales?

Basket, Checkout & Success

Finally, is your add-to-basket process working? And can users purchase your products without any hassle?

We will assess the ease of adding items to the basket, ensuring the process is intuitive, accessible, and error-free. We assess the cart visibility and functionality, ensuring users can easily review and modify their selections before proceeding to checkout. By optimising these processes, you can eliminate any potential barriers or frustrations that could hinder conversion.

Furthermore, our audit focuses on the checkout flow, evaluating its efficiency and intuitiveness. We analyse the steps required to complete a purchase, ensuring they are clear and logically structured. We examine the form fields and data entry process, minimising friction and simplifying user input. Our goal is to create a smooth and streamlined checkout experience, reducing cart abandonment rates and maximising conversion rates.

Additionally, we assess the payment options available during checkout. We evaluate the variety and convenience of payment methods, ensuring users have a range of choices that suit their preferences and needs. By providing a seamless and secure payment experience, we build trust and confidence in your brand.

Our audit finishes with an examination of the confirmation page, ensuring it provides clear and concise information about the completed purchase. We assess the order summary, delivery details, and any post-purchase actions or recommendations. By optimising the confirmation page, we enhance user satisfaction and provide opportunities for upselling or cross-selling.

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