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eCommerce Inventory Management System

As a retailer, you’ll know that buying too much or too little of an item can be a costly mistake.

Venditan Commerce Inventory Management System

Don’t miss out on sales – make sure that you have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time with Venditan Commerce.
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Venditan Commerce: eCommerce Inventory Management System

Are your stock records inaccurate?

If your website traffic or in-store footfall is on the rise, but your sales are stagnant, it could be that poor stock management is letting you down at the last hurdle. Vast amounts of time, effort and money are invested in marketing your business to potential customers, so you need to make sure that the right products are available once they reach your store.

Without the correct reporting and alerts in place, retailers are likely to sell out of popular items without any warning and miss out on sales to their competitors while they wait for replenishment. Worse still, we hear of many retailers who are selling items on their website that have already sold in their store hours earlier. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to look for a new stock management system that gives you a single, real-time view of your stock levels.

Signs that your stock management system is letting you down

Without the correct stock management software and processes in place, you will find that you waste money and miss out on sales

Too much stock

You can't sell products that you don't physically have, but neither can you order purely on demand. This inefficiency means that you're wasting space storing slow-selling items or items that may never sell.

Too little stock

Your bestselling items are selling out without any warning. If you’d known that they’d fallen below their ideal stock levels, you could have replenished them before they sold out.

Disappointed customers

If your stock levels are not in sync across all your selling channels, you could find that you’re selling products online that you have already sold in-store.

Insufficient reporting

Due to limited and inaccurate reports, you’re unable to keep track of your bestsellers, fast-movers and slow-movers in real-time. This deficiency means that you could miss out on sales when products are in demand.

Manual tasks

Are your staff wasting time trying to locate stock that isn’t where the system says it is? Having a cloud-based system that records stock movements in real-time will mean that you only ever have a single view of your stock.

Limited visibility

Store staff cannot view stock availability in other locations meaning that they can’t request store transfers or create home deliveries for customers.

Having accurate, real-time visibility of your stock will allow you to make more informed purchasing and merchandising decisions

Stay in control of your stock

Venditan Commerce has a series of intelligent stock management tools that allow you to maintain better availability, reduce overstock and keep your customers happy.

Real-time reporting

Take the guesswork out of purchasing – run real-time reports on stock items across your business to calculate demand and determine if you need to order more or less of an item.

Tracked stock movements

All stock movements are automatically tracked within Venditan Commerce meaning that, at any time, you can view an item’s entire history from the point it entered the business.

Use our handheld devices to scan stock for stocktaking, stock movements, stock replenishment, processing goods delivery, putting goods away and order picking so that you have a digital record of every item’s journey.

Keep on top of replenishment

Set minimum, maximum and ideal stock levels for your products so that your purchasing team are alerted when the stock drops below the optimum level. Configure this per location so if a product performs better in a particular store or marketplace, automatic internal shipping requests can be set up for replenishment.

Only sell items once

Using a single piece of software to manage your entire retail business means that you’ll only ever have one version of your stock levels. Ringfence stock that’s out on your shop floor so that it can’t be sold online and add stock-buffers so that fast-moving items aren’t listed on third-party marketplaces once they fall below a certain threshold.

Avoid overstock

Avoid surplus or out-of-date stock taking up space in your warehouse by only ordering certain products, such as perishables, slow-movers or large items, on-demand. Configure these products to be available on your website based on your supplier's stock levels. Once the customer places an order, your purchasing team will be alerted to raise a purchase order.

When we were constantly selling something online that hours earlier, we had sold on the shop floor, or vice-versa.

"We knew we needed to end the previous approach of using different systems to run different parts of our business. The Venditan Commerce solution gives us great visibility across our entire stock, in real-time, no matter where we want to sell it."

Shankara Smith, Owner, Run & Become
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Why choose Venditan Commerce to manage your orders?

Highly Scalable

Suitable for retailers and distributors of all sizes, whether you have a single stockroom or multiple warehouses and stores.


Implement time-saving automation, eliminate the risk of human error and reduce the need for additional staff.

Simple To Use

As part of the on-boarding process, we will complete on-site training to take your team through the Venditan Commerce platform.

24/7 Support

If you have any problems processing customer orders, we offer round the clock support, 365 days per year via our online support portal.

A Single System

A cloud-based solution gives all teams across your business a real-time view of orders, stock and customers.

Complex Inventory

Manage stock for complex inventory items such as bundles, kits, perishables, custom products, and products with multiple variants.

Feel like your processes are too manual but you aren’t sure how to make them more efficient? No problem, as part of your onboarding process our team of experts will visit you to see how you currently manage your orders and show you how to get more out of your existing infrastructure without increasing cost.

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