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Customer Engagement Platform

It costs five times more to convert a new customer, so isn’t it time to develop a better post-purchase relationship with your customers?

Venditan Commerce Customer Engagement Platform

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with our eCommerce platform’s customer management tools. Use browsing and shopping data to provide great experiences that give you the edge over your competitors.
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Venditan Commerce: Customer Management

Are you utilising customer data in the most effective way?

If you’re finding that many of your customers order from you once and never again, it could be that you aren’t making the most of the data that you collect when customers shop with you.

By not having the tools to collect and utilise customer data from all selling channels, you could be wasting time and money on irrelevant marketing, missing the chance to upsell or remind customers about products they were once interested in. Don’t let customers forget about you – use Venditan Commerce to keep customers happy and engaged with your brand.

Signs that your current eCommerce platform is letting you down

Without the correct software and customer management processes in place, you’ll find that you’re wasting valuable time, effort and money.

Insufficient Automation

Automatic abandoned basket or wishlist reminder emails are a simple way to remind customers about products they were once interested in. If you aren’t sending these out, you could be missing a trick.

Lack of Repeat Custom

It’s far more cost-effective to retain existing customers, so if you’re finding that customers only ever tend to order from you once, it could be time to review your post-purchase customer journey.

Low Staff Adoption

If your store assistants are failing to assign EPOS transactions to customers or if your customer service team regularly forget to document conversations, it may be that your current processes are too time-consuming or complex.

Frustrated Customers

Not having a real-time, single view of customer, order and stock information means that you could be sending out marketing about out-of-stock items or items that the customer has already bought.

Complex Reporting

Is it a struggle to keep track of progress, key customer metrics or customer enquiries? Your CRM software should reduce manual tasks and speed up routines with alerts and scheduled reports.

Lack of Data

If you’re finding that customers are reluctant to hand over their data, it may be that you aren’t giving them a good enough reason. Does your current software support loyalty rewards or birthday promotions?

Venditan Commerce allows you to use data from all selling channels to manage the post-purchase customer journey.

Improve The Relationship You Have With Your Customers

Increase repeat custom, boost your average order value and encourage customer referrals by improving the post-purchase customer experience you provide.

Set customer expectations

As you grow, you need to become smarter about how you manage and process orders. Venditan Commerce uses several intelligent processes and automates tasks that don’t require human intervention.

Engage more deeply with mobile apps

As your order numbers increase, Venditan Commerce can be configured to use smart picking strategies such as single route batch picking (following the most efficient route), pigeon-hole picking or zone picking. These reduce the amount of walking required to pick orders.

A seamless experience across all channels

Giving all teams the same version of your customer data will enable them to provide your customers with a seamless experience across all touchpoints.

Store staff will have access to previous purchases so that they can provide more relevant product recommendations and advice.

Customer services will have access to all customer data via a single screen meaning that they can give more accurate order and delivery updates.

Your marketing team will have access to all purchases across your website, stores and on mobile. This will allow them to better segment customers so that they only receive the most relevant campaigns.

Post-purchase marketing

One of the most time-saving aspects of Venditan Commerce is that it allows you to manage orders from all your selling channels within a single platform. Orders downstream from any third-party marketplaces and are grouped by delivery option alongside orders from your website and store. Integrations with third-party couriers means that tracking details and shipping labels are automatically generated for orders.

Reward loyal customers

Using the Venditan Commerce handheld scanners during the picking and packing process prevents your team from accidentally sending out similar but incorrect items.

Create a more engaging experience with personalisation

Orders that need to be fulfilled from multiple locations are automatically split to prevent the need for internal stock transfers.

Picking lists, containing the highest priority orders first, can be automatically printed at set times throughout the day ready for your pick and pack team to process.

Collect customer feedback

Automatic notifications are sent out via email or SMS to keep customers updated about the status of their orders. This correctly sets customer expectations and reduces order enquiries.

The Venditan Commerce platform has helped us deliver a higher level of customer service

"We started by configuring automated updates to expected delivery dates as and when they changed - which was a game-changer for customer services. This, coupled with significantly improved warehouse management and order fulfilment tools, positioned us correctly for rapid eCommerce growth."

Simon Brown, eCommerce Manager, Nest.co.uk
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Why choose Venditan Commerce to manage your orders?

Highly Scalable

Built with growing retailers in mind, our customer lookup and account screens are configured to stay fast regardless of the amount of data you hold.

Data Protection

Record customer consent to comply with GDPR regulations. Anonymise and disable customer details on request.

On-Site Training

As part of the on-boarding process, we will complete on-site training to take your team through the Venditan Commerce platform.

Data Migration

We can migrate all of your existing customer data over to the Venditan Commerce platform.

A Single System

A single, cloud-based solution gives all teams across your business a real-time view of customer data.

Highly Customisable

Due to the flexible nature of the Venditan Commerce, we are able to incorporate existing concepts to fit around your business.

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