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WFH? Office-based? Hybrid? Insight into how Venditan operates

July 19, 2023

COVID-19 forced a new way of working that businesses - particularly those in the digital sector - had no choice but to embrace and adapt to quickly.

Then came the big reopening, and those same businesses had to decide on how to manage a return, if any, to their offices.

We’re now more than halfway through 2023. The dust has long since settled. But, it has settled on a working landscape that is varied and ambiguous.

Where there was once a standard assumption that all businesses would operate from a fixed location Monday-Friday 9-5, you now can’t be sure at all.

This ambiguity is challenging when looking to establish new relationships and partnerships. “Are you office-based, or do your staff all work from home?” We know this matters, but it’s impossible to ascertain without asking the question outright.

We use a hybrid working model.

Our staff are based in our Manchester office every Tuesday and Thursday as a minimum, though some staff opt to work from the office permanently.

A fixed location is vital in preserving the culture of our business. Our model allows us to continue to foster a productive and enjoyable working environment whilst simultaneously providing our team with the benefits of work-from-home flexibility. It’s important to us that our team members can get to know each other in person - we also continue to run many social events.

Being physically present in the office allows for immediate collaboration on projects. We aim to create a dynamic environment that promotes efficient teamwork, encourages the exchange of ideas, and facilitates the resolution of complex problems through active engagement.

It is also crucial that we can welcome our clients and partners to a comfortable location. Online meetings may be the primary method of direct communication in 2023, but sometimes, it can prove far more engaging and constructive when you simply get around the table.

If you want to reach out to us to discuss a project, remember you are more than welcome to visit us in person. We are based in One St. Peter’s Square in Manchester City Centre, simply contact us and we’ll take it from there.

We are open for business.

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