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Services For Your Commerce Operation

When you choose Venditan, you can look forward to expert support at every stage of your project - from initial concept through to roll-out, maintenance, and future development of your platform. Our specialists will provide the assistance you need for every aspect of your business.

Digital Transformation

The key to our business is understanding retailers' business, and helping to improve them by integrating technology across every facet. From the outset we work side-by-side with retailers to draw up a detailed roadmap for their digital transformation, whether that's prioritising courier integrations, warehouse solutions or sophisticated digital marketing campaigns.

Every retailer is different, and we work closely with them to identify the areas where we can have the most impact and help them towards achieving their business goals and surpassing their financial targets.

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Retail Consultancy

Technical solutions and expertise are only part of what Venditan offers. We also have a team of experienced retail consultants who have worked with a host of top retail brands across numerous sectors.

The key to our relationships with these brands is our desire and willingness to delve into the details of their business. By developing a deep working knowledge of their costs, their margins, and most of all their customers, we build relationships where we view the retailers we work with more as partners than clients.

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Digital Marketing

You've probably heard a lot about intelligent marketing already, and at Venditan it's a concept we embrace wholeheartedly. Using a combination of technology, expertise and experience, we work with retailers to markedly increase the relevancy of their content and maximise the returns on their marketing spend.

We've developed bespoke tools for collecting and analysing customer data, and techniques for using that information to deliver personalised, relevant content across multiple marketing channels.

Our in-house team also manage organic and paid search, affiliate feeds, social media strategies, and offer a fully-tailored responsive email marketing design and build.

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