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M3 Marketplace Management

M3 Marketplace Management

Marketplaces such as the Amazon Marketplace, Google Shopping and eBay are vital channels for many retailers, but managing them and reconciling sales against stock levels can be complicated and time-consuming processes. Venditan Commerce allows you to manage these marketplaces via the same admin system that deals with web orders, with no need to manage separate feeds or upload media to a third-party system.

Uploading stock to the marketplace and processing the incoming orders is all managed via the one system and stock levels are adjusted automatically, providing an accurate, up-to-date single inventory view.

A simple, intuitive interface handles otherwise complicated processes such as category mappings, removing the need to maintain and upload increasingly unwieldy CSV files, and a comprehensive reporting system provides instant feedback on the status of orders and the products uploaded to the marketplaces allowing you to identify potential problems and areas where you can improve your product data.

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