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It never stops. The ever evolving world of technology is a fast paced and frenetic industry which lends itself to innovation and change at all levels. The Venditan team are passionate about advances in ecommerce and retail - always looking for the next opportunity to help retailers grow through new digital developments.

Our breakfast brainstorms are central to this - development, marketing, search and commercial teams getting their heads together to talk all things retail. From improving customer experience to re-invigorating back end systems to be more efficient - it all gets covered over croissant and coffee once a month.

For us - it's all about solving problems. Spotting the opportunities for improvement - making the lives of the retailer easier and the shopping experience of the customer better.

Get in touch to discuss how Venditan Commerce could help improve the shopping experience for your customers. Please call John or Chris on: +44(0)161 826 3098 or email us at: