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In Store EPoS

In Store Epos

Does the right hand know what the left hand is doing?

Omni-channel retail is no longer an aspiration for the UK’s leading retailers. While consumers may not understand what it means, it’s definitely something they expect. Purchasing items online and returning them in-store may seem trivial, but we’ve seen how disjointed systems can make this simple task a nightmare.

Combining our in-house retail experience across many years has allowed us to develop an in-store EPoS solution that delivers perfect cross-system synchronisation. Many EPoS systems are only updated once a day, or perhaps every hour. We, on the other hand, provide a live system: every sale made will then update both the in-store and online stock records within seconds.

Market places like Amazon and eBay remain important outlets for online retailers. It's yet another reason why blink-of-an-eye EPoS reactivity matters so much. You only have to consider the consequences of Amazon pushing items that you no longer have in stock to appreciate its significance.

For an in-depth understanding of the functionality within our EPoS solution, please download the Venditan Commerce Feature List.