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Google Cloud Platform

We believe that our position as Google’s official ecommerce Cloud Partner gives us a distinct advantage over other ecommerce providers.

Venditan Commerce has been running on the Google Cloud Platform since 2016. Not only does this allow us to deliver projects faster and more efficiently but it allows our retail partners to stay agile and save money.


By using a cloud based solution, Venditan Commerce is able to respond to higher traffic demands in real time. This means less down time on key retail dates such as Black Friday. It also prevents our retail partners from having to pay for server capacity they might not need during quieter periods.


With an infrastructure protected by over 700 experts, security risks are significantly reduced by the Google Cloud Platform. This provides us with a more reliable and robust platform to develop our ecommerce products.

Maintained by Google

As Google regularly roll out automatic software updates we no longer need to worry about configuring infrastructure, spinning up servers and updating network settings. This leaves us with more time to focus on developing exciting new features and helping our partners to grow their retail businesses.

Environmentally Friendly

As cloud-based solutions scale up and down based on demand, no energy is wasted on excess server capacity cutting your website’s carbon footprint.

Read more about the Google Cloud Platform here.

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