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Fulfilment & Dispatch

Fulfilment And Dispatch

From order placed to out-the-door; fulfilment and dispatch processes are different for every retailer. The platform covers all the bases and ensures the process runs smoothly from start to finish. We understand the different needs, requirements and challenges faced and ensure there’s a solution to match.

The platform is designed with multiple orders ‘front-of-mind’ - a scalable approach to ensure retailers keep up with fulfilment demand as orders increase. Not wanting to lose revenue from the pre-order sector, Venditan Commerce allows retailers to split delivery - making it simple to fulfil what’s in stock quickly, sending on order products when they reach the warehouse.

With fulfilment and dispatch the key is in the attention to detail. The Venditan Commerce "Pack Check™" system means dispatch teams can scan all items loaded into a delivery, ensuring only the right products make it in. Once all products are accounted for, the order’s given the green light and is ready for dispatch.

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