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E‑commerce & Responsive Websites

Ecommerce And Responsive Websites

Venditan offer a complete front-end design and build service, working closely with retailers to provide a website that reflects their brand while being fully optimised for driving conversion.

All of our ecommerce website builds are fully responsive, ensuring that every site performs perfectly across all browsers and devices - listing pages, content pages, checkout and all images are optimised for all devices.

In fact, to reflect the growing importance of mobile to retailers, all Venditan sites are designed with a ‘mobile first’ philosophy. That means a focus on the mobile user interface, removing barriers to conversion and making constant, iterative refinements to the customer journey.

Using the latest Google tools we are continually seeking to drive down page load times, bounce rates and exit rates while improving conversion and customer engagement. We also ensure that all sites meet the highest standards for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The Venditan Commerce API and Software Development Kit (SDK) also allows your in-house or third party developers to build front end websites driven by our platform, Venditan Commerce.

Get in touch to discuss how Venditan Commerce could help improve the shopping experience for your customers. Please call John or Chris on: +44(0)161 826 3098 or email us at: