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Amazon Payments

Make it easy for millions of Amazon customers to pay on your website

Amazon Payments enables millions of Amazon customers to buy on your site using the delivery addresses and payment information stored in their Amazon account.

Complimenting your existing payment options, Amazon customers can use the delivery and payment information in their Amazon accounts to complete purchases on your site in just a few clicks.

Use Amazon Payments to enable millions of Amazon customers to shop securely on your website without re-entering their delivery and payment information. Customers can complete purchases quickly without leaving your website.

- Improve conversion by enabling millions of Amazon customers to checkout using the information stored in their Amazon account, without leaving your website.

- Providing Amazon Payments as a checkout option can help you gain new customers.

- There are no start-up charges, monthly charges, or hidden fees when using Amazon Payments.

- Amazon Payments' proven fraud detection capabilities, chargeback controls, and risk management processes helps reduce bad debt and lower your costs.

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