Write for us! Guest Blogging for Venditan

So, you want to write for Venditan? That’s great news! Just a few things first… before sending over any work, please read through the following guidelines and check out our blog. We’ll only accept and publish a blog post that conforms to these requirements, and if you have any questions just get in touch. 

General requirements 

We accept both pitches and drafts, just make sure that any content you send isn’t duplicated from elsewhere and is original work that you have written yourself. You will need to accept this as a formal condition upon the agreement to guest blog for Venditan. 

Word count:  Between 500 – 1000 words, broken up into paragraphs, using subheadings or bullet points to make the information clear and accessible for readers. 

Tone of voice and style: We write with confidence and clarity – make your point clearly, no waffling and no buzzwords, please!  Make sure your grammar and spelling are up to standard, we’re happy to edit work but content requiring excessive amends will not be featured. We’re a UK-based company, so please make sure your writing is in UK-English. (E.g; realise not realize).

Topics: We’re looking for high quality, informative pieces on retail, eCommerce, epos, retail marketing, the latest in eCommerce website development, UX, and eCommerce website design. 

Images: We will provide images for guest blogs submitted that are in keeping with our tone and style.

No Self-promotion: Please don’t send promotional posts as we will not feature these. Due to a conflict of interest, we won’t accept posts from marketing or eCommerce software agencies. 

Fact-check your work: Please make sure that the blog post you send is true and has no misinformation or fake news in. We will of course fact check any topical pieces. Ensure your content includes correct, relevant links if using any, no linking to spam or self-promoting sources.

Editorial control: Once you’ve submitted work and accepted the agreement to guest blog for Venditan, we will have full editorial control over the blog post. 

Removal: If we discover that work does not conform to the standards above, causes an issue regarding copyright infringement, violation of other persons or entities, generates privacy concerns, or for any other reason that is at our complete discretion and we may change from time to time, then we retain the right to remove the work without notice.

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