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eCommerce SEO Audit

It doesn’t cost a penny to rank organically on Google.

With business costs rising, it is time to analyse your SEO performance and maximise the potential organic revenue that your eCommerce website generates.

An eCommerce SEO audit is perfect for…

- Businesses that wish to understand their SEO performance and discover opportunities to increase their organic revenue.

- Businesses that have engaged in an SEO service and require an impartial third-party review of their performance.

- Businesses that have experienced a sudden drop in traffic and/or revenue and wish to understand where the problem lies.

eCommerce SEO Audit

What your eCommerce SEO audit includes

We can help you to understand where you're currently ranking in Google, how much traffic that brings in and how much revenue this generates.

More importantly, your full audit report demonstrates the why and how behind that performance - your strengths, weaknesses and actionable opportunities are all documented clearly.

eCommerce SEO performance is driven by three key areas, and that is what we analyse on your behalf:


How healthy is your eCommerce website? We will assess the nuts and bolts to help you understand if it has been built in a way that Google can understand.

Full Technical Crawl & Analysis

Google Core Web Vitals

Google PageSpeed

Site Architecture Analysis

Export of Actionable Data

Actions & Opportunities


Even the best content needs to be optimised for Google. We can check your website against a checklist of signals that you should be sending in your content.

Core Content Audit

PLP Content Audit

PDP Content Audit

Blog Content Audit

Content Gaps & Suggestions

Actions & Opportunities


Backlinks show Google that your website is a trusted and cited authority in your field. We can analyse the strength of your backlink profile and identify any harmful links.

Full Backlink Crawl & Analysis

Categorisation of Links

Domain Authority Analysis

Google Disavow Tool

Link Building Suggestions

Actions & Opportunities

Your performance

Once we understand the above, we can accurately analyse your SEO performance and report to you on your:

Keyword Rankings

Organic Traffic

Organic Conversions: Sales, Revenue, Enquiries


When completing your audit we are happy to benchmark your performance against up to 5 competitors. We can benchmark your:

Keyword Rankings (Max. 50 Keywords)

Website Technical Health

Backlink Profile

Begin your eCommerce SEO Audit within one working day - talk to an expert

How our eCommerce SEO audit works

1. Contact

Reach out to us to book an initial no-obligation chat. We will discuss your requirements and tell you a little bit more about how our audits work, so we can piece together an audit proposal that covers what you need it to.

2. Consultation

Once we have your approval, we will then arrange an onboarding call to explore your requirements in more detail and audit your SEO performance with context. Our audits are composable and can be built to cover specific focus points if required.

3. Access

We will then send over a list of access requirements, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and your website CMS. We are happy to sign NDAs.

4. Audit

Leave us to audit your SEO performance in detail, gathering results into a clear and concise document that explains your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

5. Follow-up

If required, we can arrange a follow-up call to answer any questions you may have about the data that has been provided to you.

Find out how you can improve your SEO

We have over two decades of experience in eCommerce website development, building best-in-class websites that tick all of Google's prerequisites for a strong SEO performance.

Contact us and we can start your eCommerce SEO Audit within one working day.

Further reading

Interested in the finer details?

Read more about the work we deliver through our eCommerce SEO audits.

Technical SEO

In the background, Google is consistently crawling your eCommerce website.Simply put, you want to make it as easy as possible for Google to understand your website when it performs that crawl.

The fundamental components of technical SEO are:
Crawlability: How easy it is for search engine crawlers to read and follow links in your site's content?
Indexability: Whether you allow search engines to show your site’s links in the search results or not.
Mobile-Friendliness: How well your eCommerce website is designed and optimised to load on a mobile device.
Site Speed: How quickly users can see and interact with your content.
Website Architecture: How your site is organised and webpages interlinked.

How we audit this for you
We have technology that allows us to run a full diagnostic crawl of your website, in the same way that Google’s crawler does.

Therefore, we can see the same bugs and fixes that may be holding your eCommerce website back from valuable rankings, traffic and revenue.

Our experience allows us to analyse these results and prioritise them on a severity basis, focusing your time and resources on the fixes that are the most likely to have an impact on your SEO performance.

What we provide for you.
We analyse the crawl results and document them into an easy-to-understand chart. Each fix that we find will be accompanied by a short description in plain English. No tech talk, unless you brief us otherwise.

If we find fixes that we believe the client can DIY, we take it upon ourselves to export the results of the crawl and format them into a clear and simple Google Sheet. For example, if we saw that 50 of your products did not have a meta description set.

We use our intuition and understanding of eCommerce websites to piece together your website architecture and build this out as a sitemap document for you.

Content & Optimisation

Google prioritises websites with high-value, engaging and fresh content that answers users' questions. Even with all of the technical aspects in hand, you are still going to need high-quality content across your key pages if you wish to rank highly on Google. If your page is of poor quality, or lacking in enough content, it will not stand a chance of ranking where you need it to.

Furthermore, you could brief the best copywriter in the world to produce your product descriptions but they may have no understanding of what is required to write with Google in mind, there are a series of optimisation signals that you can place within your content to help Google pick up on what you are saying.

How we audit this for you
We split eCommerce content into four types:
Core content: the general pages of the website, like the homepage, about, contact, delivery & returns and so on
PLP (Product Listings Pages): the copy on your category and subcategory pages
PDP (Product Display Pages): the copy on your product pages
Blog content: the blog content strategy.

Each content type is audited manually by a member of our team by browsing your website and understanding your content.

Our technical crawl results will also help us to understand how well-optimised your content is. It will flag up if any of your pages are missing vital headings and meta information, and we can duly tell you what you need to do to improve.

What we provide for you
We will provide you with a written appraisal of the strength of your content across the four types outlined above.

We will also notify you of any content gaps that we think you have on your website - information that we think you should have, but you currently do not.

Finally, we will also provide you with blog content suggestions based on the keywords that you want us to research for you. We can research those keywords and help you to understand the most commonly-Googled questions around those topics. Perfect for blog content.


Strong backlinks (when another website links to yours) prove your authority to Google.

They are the crucial outside factor that affects your rankings, vitally important when it comes to improving your SEO, but difficult to accomplish and hard to understand.

Our responsibility is to show you the quantity and quality of websites across the internet that link back to your own eCommerce website.

How we audit this for you
We can run a crawl of the internet to assess how many backlinks are pointing to your domain, and most importantly, how authoritative those backlinks are.We often get asked if it is best practice to have as many backlinks as possible. This isn’t the case. Websites should aim for the highest number of relevant and quality backlinks possible.

What we provide for you
We will provide you with readings on your total number of backlinks, and give those backlinks an overall Toxicity Score to help you understand how healthy your backlink profile is.

We will dig deeper, exploring the individual backlinks that you have so that we can produce a written summary of the nature of your backlink profile. You’ll be shown what your strongest links are, any dangerous ones, and how you can tell Google to ignore them when it crawls the internet.

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