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Search Marketing

Search Marketing

Search marketing or optimisation is an ever-changing area of retail that requires a 'finger-on-the-pulse' approach. And it's not just ecommerce - search marketing is key for local store visibility - vital in the mobile first society we now live in.

Our in-house SEO team make it their mission to stay on top of the latest developments in search - ensuring that retailers understand the on and off site changes that need to be made in order to keep that all important visibility in Google. Suggested recommendations will cover technical upgrades and tweaks to actionable changes retailers can make to content, menu structures and customer user experience - all with the aim of improving a retailer's perceived quality in the eyes of Google.

Importantly, the Venditan team are well versed in content marketing - combining this knowledge with technical expertise to provide robust search marketing solutions that deliver results.

It's not just audit after audit after audit - it's all about action, change, improvement and results.

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