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Our Ecommerce Predictions for 2017


Ed Maule

30th December 2016

Our Ecommerce Predictions for 2017 It’s the last Friday of year but before we wind down for the bank holiday weekend we thought we’d quickly share our ecommerce predictions for 2017 with you...
It’s the last Friday of year but before we wind down for the bank holiday weekend we thought we’d quickly share our ecommerce predictions for 2017 with you...

Focus On The Customer - might sound like an odd sentiment, but 2017 should see a big shift towards customer-led thinking, away from a product-first mentality. User experience may sound like an overused term, but 2017 will see retailers thinking of UX as a mindset, not just a “patch it on to the design” thought process. This could lead to some big changes for organisations who start designing their business around customer interaction preferences - watch this space.

Robots - or more accurately, bots and apps which provide a convenient way for customers to start their shopping experiences will continue to grow in 2017. Next stage for bots such as Alexa will be a move to intelligent thinking - understanding the user's shopping habits and patterns and tailoring the way the bot interacts between customer and retailer. The rise of the Amazon Echo shows there’s a desire for these bots - we think this is an exciting space to watch in 2017.

Integrating Mobile UX Into Site Design. It’s been a buzz for 2016 - the continued rise of mobile - but how many retailers can truly say they are thinking “mobile first” when it comes to user experience. Mobile commerce is going nowhere but up in 2017 - and for any of our retailers thinking of doing a refresh of their site design, we’ll be focusing on the UX of a mobile site with as much thought and creativity as we would a desktop design.

Data Driven Marketing is almost certainly going to become a bigger talking point in 2017. The idea that data really should be the driving force of marketing decisions across all platforms - email, social and direct. The key for retailers is to ensure data analysis leads to action - in a world where there is so much information to be analysed, it’s important it doesn’t become overwhelming. Retailers need to use data to inform decisions, but ensure that not all time is spent delving into the detail at the expense of producing effective marketing campaigns.

A/B Testing - might sound odd, we're all doing it, right? We believe A/B testing will become a significant element of planning and architecting any UX, design or functionality changes in 2017. With Google Optimize now freely available, the key is to have the right team in place to utilise this tool and ensure tests are carried out correctly.

DeliverY Services Will Step Up A Gear. Customers now expect to have flexibility when it comes to choosing their preferred method of delivery - both on cost and service. There is likely to be a continued increase in click and collect across the retail industry whilst next day delivery will need to become a standard offer from retailers in order to keep up with consumer demand.

Ed Maule
Ed Maule

30th December 2016