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The Ever Expanding Opportunity Of Ecommerce

The Ever Expanding Opportunity Of Ecommerce

Posted 26/08/2016 by Ed Maule

This week we’re going back to basics. Here’s our rundown of the reasons why retailers HAVE to be thinking about ecommerce as a central element of their business.

Full of opportunity. Seems obvious, but ecommerce now offers some of the best revenue opportunities available in the world of retail. No barriers, no limits and the chance to grab new customers from a variety of locations and markets.

Robust solution to build revenue. Done properly, a well built, well maintained and well thought ecommerce site can become the cornerstone of a retail business. Get the customer experience right and repeat business through your website is almost guaranteed.

Integrated into our way of life. On the train, sat in front of the tv, even on the loo - web browsing, content consumption and online shopping have become and integral part of our daily lives. Make sure you’re in with a chance to grab some of that online audience.

Development in design (not forgetting user experience and functionality). A site with all the bells and whistles is a great thing - there’s no doubt. But as with trend changes in the world of fashion or interiors, so to does the world of web design continue to move forward. Simplicity is the key. Making sure your site looks fresh and welcoming whilst ensuring the experience and customer journey is easy to navigate with clear instructions and completely barrier free.

Alternative channels. There are many touch points between customers and retailers and the prospect can be a little daunting. In store, mail order, online, marketplaces, mobile sites, apps - so many opportunities for customer interaction, but plenty of chances to make a mistake. However, with some forward planning and strategic thinking, you can ensure customers have a great experience, whatever channel they decide to use.

Yankee dollar, GBP or Euros - ecommerce is a multi currency, multi-lingual channel. Cross border barriers are now a thing of the past. International expansion is not a “would-like-to-have’ - it’s a very real prospect and opportunity for online retailers.

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