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Time To Think About Christmas

Time To Think About Christmas

Posted 01/07/2016 by Ed Maule and Mark O'Brien

It’s only 176 days ‘til Christmas!

Ok, that might seem quite a long way away at first, but when you consider 13% of customers actually start their Christmas shopping before September, then maybe it doesn’t seem so crazy for retailers to start thinking about their festive period plans now. Advanced planning for Christmas is especially important if, based on last year, you expect that to make fulfillment and staffing changes this time around. 

With that in mind then, here are a few factors to consider when preparing for Christmas 2016.

Festive marketing campaigns may seem a little way off at this time of year - but in reality now is the best time to start planning your Christmas strategy. As summer sales start to tail off and retailers begin to think about launching new autumn/winter ranges, it pays to get ahead of the game.

Re-marketing - we all know the importance of the pre-Christmas browse and we know how busy the build up to Christmas is from an online shopping perspective. But with so much content and so many products, it’s easy for consumers to get overwhelmed and confused. Use your remarketing strategy to remind customers of products they’ve previously viewed.

Include Black Friday in your festive planning. It kicks off the busy shopping weekends in the build up to Christmas - be prepared and ensure your offer stands out from the crowd.

Delivery. What are your options going to be? Were there gaps last year? Could you offer more to customers this year? Christmas is a time of shopping frenzy - making returns quick, simple and easy will help improve that all important Christmas conversion rate. Perhaps consider offering extended returns.

Average spend in the weeks leading up to Christmas increases significantly. Make sure you’re ready for the increase - across all areas of your business, especially fulfilment. Ensure you keep your delivery time promises.

Every Year we see Christmas become a bigger part of our clients’ revenue streams. It’s perhaps an obvious thing to note, but preparation and early planning can make a huge difference to maximising the opportunities and minimising the problems that Christmas presents.

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