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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Posted 20/05/2016 by Stephanie Fenton

This week’s #FridayFeeling E-commerce blog is all about conversion. You’ve spent the money on acquisition marketing, you’ve got a potential customer to your site - next question - what can you do to improve the chance of conversion? Here are a few recommendations...

Figure out who your users are and what their barriers to conversion are. 

  • Which screen resolutions are your customers using - does your site design work well in these dimensions? 
  • Where are your users based - is delivery or payment method a barrier to conversion?
  • What age group and gender are your users - is your voice and content targeting them?

user demographics

Reassure users with security logos, customer reviews and customer Q&A. According to research conducted by Bazaarvoice, customers who interact with both reviews and other user-generated content are 105% more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t. Product reviews are also highly beneficial for SEO as they are a way of getting fresh user-generated, keyword-rich content on your site regularly.

Reassure users

Identify areas of the site that aren't performing and split-test varying layouts, copy and colours of the page. For example, you could split-test the position of your newsletter signup field or split-test the colour of your primary call-to-action buttons. Use existing case studies to identify variations that have worked for other sites as a starting point.

AB Testing

Divide key information into a format that's quick and easy for users to digest. Make sure that they can find the relevant delivery and returns information without having to read through lots of copy. Tables, bullet-points and icons are a great way to make information more visual and easier to digest. 

AB Testing

Add autocomplete to your site's search functionality. This should predict what the user is about to type, attempt to correct any typos and provide recommendations. These are particularly useful features on touchscreen devices and if implemented correctly can help prevent users from becoming frustrated.

Site search with autocomplete

You may also like" can be a great feature if you have the time to manually select related products, however a more useful related items feature is "recently viewed". Reminding customers of products they have recently viewed (and at one point were interested in) is far more likely to result in a conversion than showing them similar products that they may or may not like. Adding this feature can also be highly beneficial for navigation if a user decides that they prefer the product they viewed previously. 

Recently viewed items

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