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Not 10, not 20 but 33 useful hints, tips and facts we heard at BrightonSEO

Not 10, not 20 but 33 useful hints, tips and facts we heard at BrightonSEO

Posted 05/10/2015 by Ed Maule

In the ever changing world of SEO and online marketing, it's important to take time out and hear from the experts.

BrightonSEO is a good place to start. 1500 delegates packed into The Brighton Dome for a day of presentations, seminars and networking. The latest conference didn't disappoint.

And as usual, Docnet were there. Here's a snapshot of what was talked about...

'33 super useful facts, figures, hints and tips we heard at BrightonSEO'

  1. Get a comprehensive understanding of where your audience consume content before creating anything
  2. Headlines are key - people share without reading. BUT make sure you deliver on your content
  3. Ensure there's budget and plans for promotion - don't just create something that's deemed 'flipping brilliant' and run out of money to distribute
  4. Outreach is different from promotion - plan for both in terms of money and resource
  5. Always align content marketing objectives with your audience - and dependant on goals, your content target audience may not be your target customer
  6. Consider using Adwords to promote content marketing - “if noone's bidding, it's cheap!”
  7. Mobile search now exceeds desktop search - this should change your thinking
  8. 74% UK consumers own a mobile phone - start thinking mobile, NOW - trust us on this one - Google said it
  9. Website speed is now a ranking factor for search results
  10. Mobile/responsive design is now a ranking factor for search results (Speak to Steph at Docnet if you want to know more)
  11. Local SEO differs from traditional SEO - it's focus is to get a website to rank high in a specific geographical area
  12. Got a shop? This one's for you - Any business with a physical location, that serves customers in a specific area, needs to think about local SEO
  13. Local SEO - quality, not quantity of content is what Google is now looking for
  14. Read your content out loud - does it sound good?
  15. Quick local SEO optimising tips - add city name into title tag, H1 heading, into content, into alt text, into URL, into meta description and have an embedded Google map
  16. Take advantage of local relationships - get links from local businesses and pages - Google LOVE this
  17. You need to be where Google expects you to be
  18. Consumers are 38% more likely to visit and 29% more likely to consider making a purchase if a business has a complete ‘Google My Business' page
  19. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as those from friends and family - harness the power of review sites
  20. Target audiences live in a 24 hour news and information culture - as a brand, join them
  21. Talk to your target audience about what matters to them - and show them why YOU should matter too
  22. When it comes to content, become a source of information
  23. Make content relevant and timely - hook onto what's already been talked about
  24. Educating potential customers is one of the most efficient ways to put content marketing to work
  25. Facebook ‘likes' are all well and good - but they don't always translate as engagement
  26. Comments, links, views, clicks and downloads are all signs of engagement
  27. Two key dimensions when measuring the success of your content - buzz and impact
  28. The true value of your content marketing can only be determined by looking at buzz and impact together
  29. Example - High BUZZ, Low IMPACT = random viral cat video
  30. Example - Low BUZZ, High IMPACT = Useful and engaging content with a lack of distribution
  31. Content is king - we all know this - but now, ‘Concept is King'
  32. Be agile - listen to your audience and respond/react/change/develop your content
  33. Good content hits the heart before the head

And finally - Docnet's BrightonSEO Awards: (Disclaimer - these awards are in no way formally recognised by anyone involved with BrightonSEO)

  • Most energised-fast-paced-slap-you-round-the-face-with-information-talk - Greg Gifford (@GregGifford)
  • Most inspiring (make you sit up and think) presentation - Cathal Berragan (@CathalUK)
  • Best lunch spot - Brighton Pier with a portion of chips (lots of salt and vinegar)
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