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Riding Big Waves with Saltrock Surfwear

Riding Big Waves with Saltrock Surfwear

Posted 21/09/2015 by Mark O'Brien

Early September saw the Docnet team at the heart of the relaunch of a new, fully responsive website for Saltrock Surfwear. 

The rapidly growing lifestyle brand has seen its store presence expand to 40 UK premises in the last two years, with a further 35 slated in for 2016. There are equally ambitious plans for online expansion too, particularly into overseas markets, and that’s what drove the decision for Saltrock to move to the Venditan E-commerce platform.

Richie Jones, Saltrock’s Head of Digital and Marketing, said, ‘The choice of the Venditan platform was key in allowing us to achieve our ambitious growth plans. We needed a platform with a great track record in helping retailers grow, and one that we could trust to be resilient and robust during the regular traffic spikes that we have. The digital team here at Saltrock now have so much more flexibility in terms of what they can do with the website and we are excited about our next stage, specifically the International options.’

Saltrock Omni-Channel Website

That international expansion will begin with the next phase of the project.  The launch of Venditan's marketplace platform will enable Saltrock to trade in the UK and Europe via Amazon and eBay, while dedicated websites are launching for Australia, USA and the Netherlands, complete with content translation and local payment options.

A number of third-party integrations are also at the heart of Saltrock’s plans, and again the flexibility of the Venditan platform has proven key. Integration with SEKO Global Logistics will provide solutions for warehousing and dispatch, while on the front end there are further integrations with Qubit, Nosto, Google Universal Variable and BazaarVoice. And that’s not all; integration with More2 will utilise their suite of tools for ‘single customer view’ reporting and analysis.

We’re all extremely excited by these developments at Docnet and agree wholeheartedly with Richie Jones when he says, ‘Saltrock’s new and intuitive, fast, optimised and aspirational online presence paves the way for success in the UK and visibility overseas’.

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