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5 Key Takeaways From BrightonSEO

5 Key Takeaways From BrightonSEO

Posted 15/04/2015 by Docnet

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Last Friday we headed down to the UK's biggest and best SEO conference -  BrightonSEO. There were some fantastic speakers with some really inspiring talks - we can't wait to get cracking and try out some of the ideas for our lovely clients! Here are our 5 key takeaways from the day that we'll be applying to all our search strategies moving forward.

Understanding the key principles of good web design is now essential for SEO.

Search engines reward a good user experience and a big part of that experience comes from whether or not the site has an effective and considered design. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, in fact we need to ‘make use of tried and tested patterns’ such as the burger menu. As search marketers we need to get more involved in the design process - making sure that we provide tight specifications and wireframes based on Google’s recommendations and the requirements of the retailer/business.

All content should be designed mobile first – this is a MUST for responsive design.

This is something we’ve known for a while but often fail to push. As SEOs get more involved in the design process, changing to this way of working should be top of our list. ‘Content marketing is now mobile marketing’.

Let’s stop chasing the algorithm and start chasing users.

To future proof our strategies we need to stop thinking about what Google is doing and start thinking more about what our users are doing. Google’s aim has always been to provide more relevant and useful search results, therefore this should always be at the heart of our SEO strategies. Don’t optimise your sites for the mobile algorithm update, optimise it for the visitors coming to your site on a mobile!

Use the principles of traditional marketing as a foundation when planning your SEO strategy.

The days of SEO just being about building links or getting your technical on-page optimisation right are long gone. As Google strives to think more like a human we too need to go back to the traditional, tried and tested marketing techniques. We need to do our market research, listen to our customers, and target them in the right place at the right time. Provide them with products and services superior to anything offered by our competition. Most importantly we need to make them want to buy from us over anyone else – we need to build brands.

More thought needs to go into the content we are creating – it needs to have a purpose and add value.

Rather than churning out content, we need to put more effort into considering whether or not an idea is right for an audience. The focus needs to be on brand building rather than link building. We need to produce content that is ‘relevant, resonant and different.’

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