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Vital Statistics: E-commerce Abandonment and How To Stop It

Vital Statistics: E-commerce Abandonment and How To Stop It

Posted 17/06/2010 by Gareth Cutter

Some interesting figures on web site and checkout abandonment have surfaced recently, which we thought worth sharing with you

  • Of all online shoppers, approximately 88% claim to have abandoned a basket before (44% of whom cited high delivery costs as the cause, followed by not being ready to buy (41%) and wanting to price check (25%))
  • 79% of shoppers surveyed would be less likely to make another purchase from a slow web site (half of them thought as little as two seconds was pushing it)

Clearly, online shoppers' expectations have risen, and retailers need to be prepared to make bigger leaps over the bar in order to win those sales.

Some quick takeaways:

Do not conceal delivery charges - it's better to be upfront and transparent than wait until the last second before springing postage & packaging on customers. Instead, try offering a range of delivery options (or even in-store collection) and show you have a flexible customer-orientated attitude towards delivery.

Speed limits are for cars, not web sites - when was the last time you sat in the hot seat and took your web site for a spin? If you don't know how quickly your web site is loading, you've no idea how many potential repeat customers it is driving away. If your site pages take more than two seconds to load on a decent broadband connection, get help quick!

We'll keep an eye out for even more vital statistics. If you find any others you'd like to share with us and other blog readers, please contact us.

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