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Is Your Email Marketing Content Out Of Touch With Customers?

Is Your Email Marketing Content Out Of Touch With Customers?

Posted 27/05/2010 by Gareth Cutter

Economic forecasters have been talking about a slow but sure recovery lately, but in reality, many customers are still feeling the pinch in their wallets.

Your email marketing needs to use the kind of messaging that resonates with their attitudes or risk alienating them before the economy has had time to fully recover.

  • 1. Emphasise value for money - now this may sound obvious, but so much focus can be heaped on discounts and offers that the actual value of using your services and products is drowned out - don't forget to talk about what benefits your products bring; that's why people want to buy in the first place
  • 2. Emphasise simplicity - keep your emails focused on one topic (unless there's a really good reason not to) so recipients know exactly what they stand to gain from reading your email - this will improve engagement, response, and ultimately, your return on investment (ROI)
  • 3. Emphasise flexibility - with so many distractions, you need to make it as easy for customers to buy as possible; offer multiple payment and delivery options to suit your target market's needs
  • 4. Emphasise contact details - has a customer got a problem with an order, or a query about your email? Make your contact details prominent on your email and turn it into a useful customer service resource as well as a marketing tool

P.S. Emails that come from a donotreply@ address might help stem the number of people replying directly to your marketing but it doesn't look very 'customer friendly'. Try changing your sender name to something more personable and set up an auto-responder email for people who do try to reply; one that directs them to your correct customer support channels.

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