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Eliminate Bad Decisions From Your Email Marketing

Eliminate Bad Decisions From Your Email Marketing

Posted 28/04/2010 by Gareth Cutter

Have you ever thought before sending out an email, 'Is this subject line interesting enough? Should that button be red or green? Will it make a difference if I use my own name or the company's name as the sender?'

Seemingly trivial details can actually trigger a huge difference in response, but in the past, it's been difficult and time-consuming for email marketers to test these details. Email marketing with Docnet can help change that.

Split A/B testing involves sending two versions of a campaign to random samples of your mailing list. It measures which one has the most favourable response and, after a pre-defined time frame, treats the remainder of the list to the most effective email automatically, increasing recipient satisfaction and return on investment for you.

So what's the first thing you'd like to test? We have a number of suggestions to get you started:

  • Subject line - Should you capitalise every word? Lead with offers or benefits? Try intrigue and humour over straightforward description?
  • 'From' name - Should you use the name of the business or your own name for personality?
  • Link format - Should text or images be used as links, or a combination of the two? If you use text, should it be written in bold or italics?
  • Link position - Should it be placed somewhere near the top, in the middle or way down at the bottom?
  • Link colour - Are there colours that will put recipients off from clicking or stand out better from the campaign background?
  • Call to action text - Do some commands drive more responses than others ('Contact Us' vs 'Call Us Now')?
  • Text or image-based emails - Do emails made mostly out of images get a better or worse response rate?

Or maybe there's one that we've missed that you're really keen to try? If you have any other good split A/B test suggestions, or would like to find out more about our email marketing capabilities, simply get in touch. Who knows what you might find out!

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