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Are You Wasting the Potential of Your Email Marketing?

Are You Wasting the Potential of Your Email Marketing?

Posted 09/03/2010 by Gareth Cutter

Are you draining the vitality out of your email marketing channel by sending relentless promotional emails? Get more value from your email marketing by using it to send transactional, informational and social emails as well.

Continuous talk on return on investment (ROI) has led to a kind of mono-vision about email marketing and it's capabilities in some quarters, as if it's only useful function is promotic special discounts. Of course, anyone who has shopped with the bigger online retailers knows that this isn't true. Transactional emails that inform customers when their orders have been confirmed and dispatched are used to great effect, keeping subscribers relaxed and 'switched on' to your brand (they can often be sent automatically too, saving you valuable time).

So how to spend this saved time?

Well, you could always use it to create email content that has nothing direct to do with selling.

As counter-intuitive as this sounds, informational and social emails that seek to educate and engage subscribers through articles, how-to tips, videos and competitions as opposed to sell to them are equally valuable, if not more so - especially if they result in list growth through sharing.

Subscriber fatigue is the bane of every email marketer's list, and it is exacerbated by sending the same promotional / sale type content week after week. Not only do people get fed-up with your emails, your promotions lose their bite too.

You give your mailing list more reason to engage with you by offering a variety of content from promotional emails to games, newsletters, hints and tips and notifications. You can also gain a greater understanding of what makes your prospects tick by allowing them to choose what type of content they receive via a preference centre. This in turn will allow you to allocate your time & resources more effectively.

Email is a versatile tool, and can be adapted to almost any purpose. Whether you're new to the channel or a seasoned email marketer, there's always an opportunity to adapt email to a new purpose. So bring something new to the table and stay fresh in your subscribers' minds.

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